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Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Woollen Project - Cumbria

This post should have been done months ago but has been on the back burner so to speak.   I was asked to contribute to the Woollen Project which is part of the Eden Arts.   Many crafters were asked to contribute items to make the woods full of woollen items.
The exhibition is open at Acorn Bank until 3rd November (closed Tuesdays)  details of the project can be found at www.canopyart.co.uk and many of the patterns can be found on the web site.
The above picture is the woollen walk this picture was sent to me in April and as you can see the trees had not come into leaf.
 This picture shows the Dove nest which they tried to the branch.

 These are my pictures before I sent them off,  the Dove which I sent two in white wool,  red seed beads for eyes and pink beak.   I left a piece of wool on all items so they could be attached to whatever.

 Nest with two eggs and leaves
And a few butterflies these are just a couple of pictures of them but there was more than two sent.

It was very nice being asked to submit items for the woollen project and have my name on the roll of honour.

I am not sure how long they will survive the English weather in the woods and if or not the birds and animals living in the wood might take a fancy to them,.  If you are going to Cumbria do pop in to the Exhibition and let me know what you think.   There were so many pictures of an array of flowers, birds, etc in wool, and felt,  it should be colourful.
Its taken a long time to post,  its just one of those things that have got put back for something else to post.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend,   I have been watching the F1 I got very excited at one point won't say at what but I really wanted an English driver by the name of Hamilton to win,  he was there at the beginning but the tyre problem lost him the race, never mind he came in 4th.
Until we meet again  Take care


  1. That's a super project to contribute too. Love the birds nest. Do the leaves hang down like a liane?

  2. All these objects will look great scattered in the woods, I love the ones that you have made, especially the dove,

  3. oh I would love to go and see all the woollen items, I bet they look lovely. congratulations on being asked to contribute your work. you are a very talented lady.



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