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Friday, 4 October 2013

Sherry's TIAS day four and five

Day Four

Hope you are keeping well,  we have had some really heavy showers and a bad thunderstorm over night,  so again the pictures even though they were taken this afternoon look very different.
I am very behind and for those who think its only tatting blog,  there will be some cards coming, I took the pictures yesterday,   and a few other bits plus two pieces on cyprus,
Top is Day four of the TIAS,  this picture was taken when the sun was shining.  the middle should lay flat not cupped like it was, I read on another blog that she pulled the sides and it went flat,  well I did that too but i have a little bump in the middle,  forget the bump its flat,  I say its flat.

Day Five
Here is Day five and although the picture was taken within a short while as you can see the weather changed hence not so good,
This is Day five now does anyone have a clue what it is yet?   dont forget if you guess correct there will be a prize.

I am using Lizbeth thread Purple Splendor,  no 20
Tomorrow I am in Cheese and Grain in Frome, first time for three months, everything for my craft table is really and I just have to remember to get up early.  I hope the weather is better and the sun shines.
I hope you have a good weekend and until we meet again take care,



  1. Margaret I have been following this pattern with much interest but cannot guess what it is! Anyway I am sure it will be delightful because it looks so lovely. Michelle x

  2. Hello, I still don't know what it is besides a book mark lol....... no imagination....... I hope your stall goes well and have a good weekend

  3. Hi Margaret, I have no clue at all about what this is, will be interested to find out though...
    You have won my candy too...congrats.xxx

  4. I look forward to seeing your day 6 because I think I've gone astray!

  5. I took been watching everyone can't take the wait!


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