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Monday, 21 October 2013

TIAS Day 10 and Day 11,


On this horrible day here in somerset with the wind bloging a gale and pouring with rain, dark and gloomy, to do anything today means having the light on.
 I bring you the last couple of days of the TIAS.
Well no one guessed it,  which is not surprising seeing Sherry had all the tatters around the world guessing too,  There was 100 of us doing this TIAS,  now by the picture have you have you got it,  yes its "The Piccadilly Express"  it was inspired by her daughter two year old daughter who is fascinated by trains,   hence the Piccadilly Express.  
I was not feeling too good yesterday and  I played with the pattern as I felt it needed a truck and this is what I came up with,   I emailed Sherry who laughed and said theres a bonus pattern which everyone has forgotten  and what was the bonus pattern today, one large truck and one small one and what did the pattern look like .......... ta da    
Not quite so big but the same,   Great minds do think alike.   I took the corner pattern and a piece from the top of the cab and a bit from the side and the wheels from the bottom,  I just could not work out how to attach it.  No wonder Sherry laughed.
Thank you Sherry for doing such a great TIAS,   
Hope the weather is better with you than it is here.


  1. Ah, good thinking! An engine does need something to pull.

  2. Good luck with your drive!
    This is beautiful work xxx

  3. I must have no imagination as I could not for the life of me see a train until the last picture with a truck........ I would never have got that from 2nd picture!!!
    Hope the week gets brighter

  4. You know I was fascinated by the train but not interested in tatting it till the rest of the cars were put on it looks great! and your colors are super with it!

  5. Your truck looks great and the little train engine can pull a variety of cars in different sizes. Great idea.

  6. Oh, yes -- we picked a good color! Good call on adding the rest of the train. :) I need to get the rest of mine done as well. The engine looks lonely all by itself!


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