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Friday, 18 October 2013

TIAS day 9


This is a scheduled post as I posted my card yesterday,   I lost internet connection on wednesday and with the painter plus flu/cold I am really having a hard week.
This is Day 9 any ideas yet?
Have a nice weekend.  


  1. I do hope you feel better Margaret, I love the colour you are using here.
    Kevin xx

  2. I still have no idea what it is but I do love the colour, hope you are soon feeling better and get straight after the painter finishes

  3. No idea but it looks good Margaret,hope your ok..xxx

  4. well it's looking like all the others, still not sure what this really is and wondering how long it will go on?

  5. Although I'm not doing the TIAS, I 'm in agreement with those who think it is a fanciful locomotive steam engine! If so, it's very cute! Hope you feel better! You still manage to be creative, even when you don't feel well. I admire your spirit!

  6. Your little train is a wonderful color!!! :)


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