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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Snowflake Challenge - Countdown to Christmas

Day 22

Todays snowflake is Nanny's from Be-stitched.com is called Tatted 10-Point Snowflake,  sorry its not a good photo but the weather here in the Uk was horrible yesterday and this was the best I could get after several trys. It was tatted in Lizbeth thread no 20 in white.
We had torrential rain and strong winds all day,  the light was on more or less the whole day.  Oh I was so glad I went shopping on friday instead of saturday as I was planning.   But yesterday was be nasty to Margaret day,  I won't go into details but thanks to someone who complained about my blog and upset me very much I clicked on something I should not have clicked on and lost all my blog photos,  I have now got Decembers back on the rest will be put on at a later date.  I also had a mini accident and hit my head quite hard,  I had to sit down for some time, no it was not my day.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


  1. Good morning Margaret hope today is better. Another outstanding snowflake Ginny♥

  2. Oh this is pretty Margaret, and you used some color wooo weee! I really like this one just lacy! Your weather is weird it is seeming to parallel mine here but our bad rain is warm so far and then they say it will get cold. Well take care and Merry Christmas!

  3. hi Margaret, your snowflakes are all so beautiful. they look amazing hanging on my curly hazel branch. thank you for being such a good friend x

  4. Sorry you had such a bad day! I wondered why I couldn't see yesterday's photo. I see it now and it beautiful, with and without beads. As is this one. I like the way the outer clovers mimic the inward ones. You're doing really well in keeping up with the challenge.

  5. Well, I suppose today can only be better, right? People shouldn't be rude, of course, but don't let them upset you. Just remember they don't know you.

    All your snowflakes are beautiful! You'll have a white Christmas inside your house, even if you don't have one outside!

  6. Another beauty, Margaret! When someone's rude to you, just think of all of us who love reading your blog. Negative people can certainly ruin the day. I hope your head is feeling better soon.


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