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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Snowflake Challenge - A countdown to Christmas

Day Seven

Today its a snowflake from Anna Magazine dated December 1992 no 37,  tatted in Lizbeth thread no 20.  I was asked about the Anna Magazine,  it is still published in German and can be brought across Europe,  but sadly it is now longer published in English,  it was my only way of getting new tatting patterns for many years before the internet now the world has opened up and tatting inspiration comes from all parts of the world. When I go away I do look to see if I can find a copy of Anna and see if there is any tatting in it,  unfortunately I seem to miss the right month,  I will keep on looking at least the patterns are all diagrams so I don't need to know German.
I am back in Cheese and Grain in Frome today with another craft table this I think will be my last this year.
Have a nice day


  1. Oh this one is a pretty one, and it is amazing how times have changed. I use to work a place and a woman would tat and she was from Hungry and she carefully kept her directions with her, they were very old and cut from a little magazine, I wonder if it was the same magazine :)

  2. another beautiful one, more intricate than yesterday lol........ hope there is a good turn-out today for your table

  3. Very pretty. It looks like a lot of work, you're doing well to keep up with one a day! I hope you had good sales.

  4. Hi Auntie Margaret,
    SHE had to search her silly blog because she knew she had tatted a similar
    pattern to this one, which is very pretty.

    I see her smiling - maybe I'll get a treat NOW. I think she foun it.


  5. Well, it is not the same at all, but you had me scurrying! Have a good weekend and good luck at the fair.
    Fox. : )

  6. You have certainly found some beautiful snowflake patterns to tat!


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