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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Lets go on a Tour of Europe Part two


This is the second part of my Tour of Europe,  I was going to post this last weekend but due to illness its a bit late,  These are the last four of eight counted cross stitch pictures I did many years ago of the countries I had visited which were from the Anna Magazine 1987.  While I was sorting out my Annas the other day I found another two which could be added to this set,  Turkey and Greece which Vernon and I have been to in recent years,  something to do when I have nothing else to in years to come.
Anyway here is the last four,.


The Colosseum in Rome
The Palazzo Vecchio in Florence,  (beautiful city worth a visit)
 The Piazza San Marco,
The Rialto Bridge and the Canale Grande in Venice  (a must visit again)
This picture has an edging of French knots representing the flower Mimosa


The Dutch bulb fields in the middle
The Cheese market
The musical organ which is seen in the streets over Holland
Delft Pottery
Canal Bridge theres a lot of them around Holland
There is a building on here which I will find out and update this piece

Spain and Portugal

The top half I think is Portugal with the bottom half being Spain
Both countries on the Iberian Peninsula share the same wealth of scenic beauty spots,  this picture seems to be a mixture of bother countries that are so alike apart from language. There was no set piece of architecture in this picture
Bullfighting being represented in both countries
The Oranges at the bottom of the edging are grown in both countries.

United Kingdom - London

The Tower of London
London Bridge
Houses of Parliament in the middle with the red London buses
Gates of Buckingham Palace,
Trafalgar Square and Lord Nelsons Column
Horse racing.
You can't see it but there was a lot of gold work in this picture

Well that concludes the tour,   I do hope you enjoyed it,  I did update the German Picture in part one as I promised.
Have a nice day


  1. stunning pieces of work which must have taken forever to sew,
    I hope your arm and bits are beginning to feel better

  2. Wow makes me want to travel just to make one, these look so cute and such a good idea, I have never seen any things like it. I have a friend that cross stitched everything but I didn't see these :)
    Beautiful! from Carollyn

  3. Such a lot of work - I am in awe!


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