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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Vernons Indian


We are in the middle of a  severe storm as I am posting this while we have electric,  it's been on and off since 7.30 last night, storm force winds and heavy rain lashing the south west.  Where ever you are I hope you are safe.
I had this ready to post but blogger would not let me schedule the post.   So here it is a bit late.

This Indian counted cross stitch picture I made for Vernon back in 2001,   hes into country music and he took me to a country music night.   This was my first real encounter with country music,  plus it was a theme night.  The members were dressed up in Indian costumes.   Not knowing what to get him for his birthday,   I found and  brought this kit of an Indian Warrior.  Its the hardest counted cross stitch picture I have ever done,   I used to hide it when he was around but oh boy it was a test of patience.   The kit is called Noble Warrior from the Gold Collection by Anchor (Dimensions)  This is one I wont be re-doing ever.  the strips were the hardest with Indian signs they don't show up very well in the photo and with the enormous amount of different colours used in the feathers and clothing made it hard to do.

Until we meet again take care


  1. Hope you don't get flooded Margaret, maybe Vernon should show you how to make fire by rubbing sticks together....... you can then cook Indian style lol

  2. Wow Margaret that is very complex and nice work I like how the background edging has a faded look! That's a lot of work! And your weather situation is not good,hope you have candles to see but be safe where you place them and coolers to keep your food in! Be careful and take care from Carollyn!

  3. Margaret hope you are OK the winds are terrible all along the south coast. Beautiful cross stitch Ginny x

  4. That is quite an accomplishment, Margaret! So many tiny different-coloured threads...yes, LOTS of patience!

  5. Hi Margaret I hope you are both keeping safe, this cross stitch is fabulous!!
    Kevin xx

  6. It sure seems that the weather all around the world has been wild lately! That's a lovely example of stitchery, and I'm sure Vernon treasures it.

  7. hi Margaret, your indian is amazing, I clicked on the image to enlarge it for a closer look. its stunning!
    your blog is looking great as always, such an interesting blog and always an inspiration. one of my favourite blogs!

  8. This is a real WOW piece of cross stitch Margaret and I bet Vernon loves it. Hope you are safe and not too affected by the floods. Michelle x

  9. Margaret this is fantastic, I love anything, to do with American Indian's and the culture, love love love it..xx


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