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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Thank you Carollyn

This is a late post,  it should have been put on a few days ago, so apologies to Carollyn for the lateness of showing you this wonderful present she sent me.   I received this last monday unfortunately I have not been well this week,  some sort of bug that knocked me out.
Its a beautiful pin cushion with a tatted heart and a strap at the back so it will fit around my wrist.    Two beautiful flat shuttles both beautifully decorated one with a blue bird and the other with red roses.
 I had never seen a flat shuttles until a couple of years ago, never thought I will actually get one.   they are so light and beautiful,  they will be a joy to use.   The note that Carollyn sent has been beautifully written oh I wish I could write as beautiful as that.
Thank you Carollyn I will enjoy using the shuttles and the pincushion.
Here is a link to Carollyn's blog do go and visit when you have time link
Hope you are having a nice weekend.


  1. I do hope you're feeling better now Margaret? Lovely to get a parcel to brighten up your day.

  2. What a lovely gift, how kind of Carollyn. I also love your Valentine's tatting, it's wonderful to see someone keeping these traditional crafts going. Your work is gorgeous x

  3. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift from Carollyn. Feel better soon.

  4. how beautiful, you will really love using these.
    I hope you are feeling better and soon back to your tatting self, thank you for visiting and the nice comments you leave

  5. Oh Margaret, you posted such nice pictures, Thank you and hope your day is going well. The flat shuttles I like for certain types of tatting, I'll let you find out when you get a chance too :) Hugs from Carollyn!

  6. I can empathize with 'the bug' as I have one, too - almost three weeks. And instaed of rain we're dealing with just enough snow to be annoying but not overwhelming. Have to clean off the car to go shopping, then I am too tired to go! But I know you're also struggling with your injuries . What a nice gift to receive! Such a pretty heart and shuttles, plus lovely calligraphy!

  7. awwww what a gorgeous gift from a lovely friend... am sure you will treasure them & enjoy using them :) sorry ya not been well me love... seems alot of people are struggling this yr (season) I have an ear infection... AGAIN!!! :S am hoping it will be gone soon... been using drops since Friday :S Anyways... hope ya back to ya tatting darl.... your creations are amazing... you are so talented :)

    love n hugz Angie xXx

  8. I hope you're feeling well soon, Margaret! Carollyn has sent you a lovely gift. I am also a lucky recipient of some of her beautiful pieces, and they are certainly to be treasured!


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