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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Pincushions part one

As I write this its raining and blowing a gale,   what's another drop of water when we have so much,  every day since the 12th December its rained, it rains at some point of every day.  How do I know its the 12th December thats the day Vernon got his new shed.   Its the wettest winter for 250 years,  it just keeps on coming across the Atlantic on the jet stream,   I watched a programme on TV last night about battered Britain the damage to the coastline in the South is massive.  This is one winter that won't be forgotten for many years to come.
Anyway to today I have something new to show you,   Carollyn started me off,  shes been making pincushions.  I can hold the material in my bad hand and sew with my right,  it was not easy at first but got easier, as I made them.  Link to Carollyns Blog
The blue one was my first,  picture above,    I know its not perfect stitching around the sides,  well not my usual standard.  I used up some of my tatting bits to make the decoration,   This one had a piece of snowflake I found,  usually odd bits that go wrong are thrown but some how this bit stayed and went in the box.   I had some blue 3d flowers, added some white ribbon and did some embroidery trails,  plus a few gold beads. Close up of the spray 
This yellow one was next,  a piece of tatting which was going to be a square motif, never got finished.  tatted in Lizbeth thread no 20, a small piece of green ribbon and a 3d flower in the middle,  and I put a bead in the middle.
The flowers were tatted with Turkish Oren Bryan Perle no 8 thread,  they were tatted with thread left on the shuttles sometime ago for something else I was going to do.  A close up below.

Its been nice to use up bits of tatting,  they were stuffed with toy stuffing,  after the the blue one I decided to stitch inside,  it worked out better,  it was good to try and make something ok they are not perfect but it was good exercise for the hand.    I hope you like them.   I have made two more which I will show you in a couple of days,   I did try a little tatting the other day,  painful but I managed a butterfly,  its a start back to full recovery.   Hopefully I can try knitting this week.  Anyway enough of my waffle hope you are having a nice weekend.


  1. Great way to use up tatted 'bits'! Keep dry there. Good luck with knitting. It sounds as though you're getting impatient with not being able to use your hand.

  2. The yellow pincushion is a treat! Very pretty, Margaret.

    I do hope you can put a shuttle in your hands very soon. This must be driving you up a wall! Mr G says to bite your nails and eat ice cream with catnip. A cure-all. : ))

  3. They are so lovely, it' since to see you being able to make things again. I especially love the blue one!

  4. Stunning work Margaret love the colours Ginny x

  5. These are just wonderful! I love seeing tatting used in clever ways, and especially scraps or slightly imperfect pieces. These pincushions are so attractive andcolorful! I feel so sad that you are struggling with your sore hand - and the depressing and never-ending rain! And yet you manage to make some things and go to the trouble of posting them! I really appreciate how difficult this had to be.

  6. Talk about very elegant pin cushions!!! :) Those are beautiful!! :)

  7. these are so beautiful margaret and your details are so intricate :D

    xx coops xx

  8. I'm glad to see that Carollyn has influenced you to make pin cushions. They're wonderful! Healing seems to take so much time. I'm sure you'll be back to doing all you'd like to do before you know it!


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