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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother s Day, Marjorie's Angel 20/25 motif challenge

Happy Mother Day,
Here in the UK today is Mothers Day,  hopefully the weather will be as lovely as yesterday,  the sun was lovely although not very warm,  I took some photos of the flowers out in my garden but that's for a post another day.
I made this card for my mother, using some free papers from the Papercraft inspirations magazine added some roses and ribbon in a spray at the corner.
The main image is a tatted angel called Marjorie's Angel my Mothers name is Marjorie so I thought it was most fitting, which I used Pineapple Parfait Lizbeth thread no 20,   the pattern is one of Martha Ess, from Martha Tatting Blog blog link to her blog.   I rather like this pattern and have made two more as below.
I finished the card off with silver peel off's,  butterfly gems and a yellow bow in the same ribbon as in the spray.

This is another Marjorie's angel which I made in Christmas Green Mix no 20 Lizbeth thread

This Angel is made with Girly Girl thread again Lizbeth thread no 20 only when cutting off the thread after sewing it in I cut one of the picots by mistake.  Do I make another one or do I use it on a pin cushion? I have not yet blocked this angel so she looks a bit ruffled

All the angels halo's were done with Madeira silver thread.

 I am going in to see my Mother this afternoon,  she wont remember who I am and wont remember after I have left its Mothers Day,  I have brought her some flowers and a new top,  what do you give a mother who is in a nursing home.  I just hope the top fits.
Hope you have a great day,  until we meet again Take Care.


  1. This is gorgeous Margaret, I love these angels
    Kevin xx

  2. What a beautiful card for your Mother, love the angels.......it does not matter that she will not remember your visit, she will know that she has had someone with her. How sad and difficult when memory goes, a cruel illness. At least you can hold her hand and tell her you love her.
    Hugs Tilly x

  3. I love the cheery yellow angel and yellow roses. I'm sure she will appreciate how pretty it is. Have a good day ahead.

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Margaret! The angels are all beautiful. I'm sure your mother will love the card, and even if she doesn't remember you, she will know she is loved.

  5. She will know, somewhere in her, if only in her heart and if only for a little while. The card, too, will be picked up and mentioned to her by the nursing staff and her new top commented on as they help her dress. More importantly, you will know that you were there and that you honored her as your Mother today. The angel is beautiful and the card perfect for the occasion.

  6. Oh Margaret that is a beautiful angel, and great way to honor her too! She has a great daughter and what a wonderful gift you are for her.
    That angel really is beautiful, and they all are too I can see other cards with the other angels I guess with a hurt hand you think more about what you want to tat I guess I need to do that I seem so distracted by so many beautiful things!

  7. For got to say Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Very pretty angels. A lovely card for Mother's Day. I think it's wonderful that you go to the trouble in spite of knowing that your mum won't realise the significance. You and everyone around her know she is loved and honoured.

  9. Margaret your angels are so beautiful. I love your flower arrangement too. At some level your Mom may know you, but the main thing is that you know what you did and have peace with yourself. Michelle x


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