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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Pincushions Part Two

Here is part two,   another two pincushions using up pieces of tatting,  they are made from felt.

This blue one I used up a snowflake that did not hang right,  the chains in parts crossed,  I used Lizbeth thread no 20,  so I sewed it on and added blue beads,  they don't show up very well but they are there,  I added a white bow.
It looks a bit out of position in the picture,  but its not that far out of position.  I can't remember which snowflake this is but I am sure someone will recognize it.
This yellow pincushion has a green tatted strip for grass using Flora no 20, some white flowers made from odd bits left on the shuttles Lizbeth thread no 20 seed bead in the middle.
The Sunbonnet Sue Motif designed by Darlene Polachic was tatted with white and Christmas thread Lizbeth no 20.  I added a small butterfly in the corner. I do like this little motif and adding a few flowers makes her look like shes in a garden.  Below a close up.

I have started another one and I will show you that one when I have finished, my box of bits is looking a little less now,   which is good gives me room to make more when I start tatting and using up the odd thread from the shuttles.   In the meantime until we meet again Take care.


  1. All of your pincushions are so beautiful Margaret. I am so glad that your hand is getting better and that you are able to carry on tatting. Michelle x

  2. Great idea for using small motifs. Love the snowflake pattern. I'd love to have it if it's free on the web. Beautiful pin cushions.

  3. I will try and find the pattern for you, I had a look before I posted it, and did nit have to finish looking but I will do it and let you know.

    1. The pattern was called 2000 snowflake, by Eileen Stafford, the link I have if it still works is http://web.achive.org/web/20090831195852/http://geocities.com/leen_tats/snowflake

    2. Thank you Margaret. I found the pattern.

  4. I love your pincushions! Such a good way to show off tatting.

  5. These again are so attractive and a great idea! The snowflake might be one of Jon's. I love the way you have showcased Sunbonnet Sue! Very clever! I'm am pleased you are able to sew! This has been a good use of your time and artistic talent!

  6. Love the snowflake on the blue background!!! :)
    And the little lady is so sweet!!! :)

  7. Adorable !!! And so practical too - for self-use as well as for gifts !


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