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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Antique Hankies


This is a scheduled post as I am on my way to Sheffield Hospital for an appointment as my eye is not behaving properly.
Whilst cleaning out and putting away my things in my new bedroom furniture,  I found these hankies,  they were tatted by an old aunt who used to visit my fathers parents when I was small.  I would sit beside her for hours watching her tat, with a shuttle in and out.  She promised to teach me when I was older but she died before that happen.
She always brought down Pontefract Cakes,  for those who have never seen them.   They are small roughly circular black sweets about 2 cm in diameter,  made of liquorice.  Originally made in the town of Pontefract Yorkshire.
These are three hankies she tatted the edging too,   I don't use them as they are over 50 years old now.
The coloured edging I know the thread was brought in Woolworths,  but I don't know what make its looks like size 80, but I cant see the stitches any more thus I don't tat with size 80 any more.
They are now a treasure to me,  with childhood memories
Today would have been Mothers birthday,  she would have been 92 years old,   on three separate occasions throughout my life three separate gypsies have told her she would die at 92.  they were not far out?.  The day before she died a Romany gypsy called at our door,  its the first time since my husband move into this house 30 years ago has a gypsy ever called,  I did buy something off her for luck.
Hope you are keeping well,  see you soon


  1. What a wonderful thing to post, to honor your mother, they are very bright and happy she did all kinds of things, your mom, from what you say, had many diverse and wonderful talents!

  2. Beautiful hankies Margaret. It takes me back to my childhood, I always had a hanky tucked into my knickers! Do children use them today? Hope they managed to sort your eye out today and that everything is well. Michelle x

  3. Evening Margaret, Do hope the appointment went well and your eye can be sorted out for you...
    You always tell such lovely stories, so nice to share....
    Take care..xxxx

  4. your hankies are beautiful and hold treasured memories.
    I hope the eye appointment goes well for you and you don't need any treatment. Your Mum almost made 92........ well done the gypsies

  5. Beautiful hankies with treasured memories! I hope your eye gets better after a visit to the doctor!!

  6. Pretty hankies! I do hope your eye is sorted out ok.

  7. I hope all is well with your eye, Margaret. The hankies are wonderful treasures.


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