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Sunday, 10 August 2014

My New Shuttle and one antique one with hooks


Today was going to very bad weather,   well its not as bad as we were told,  OK we have had some very heavy rain storms and its blowing a gale,  but I expected worse.   I am sure some parts of the UK are getting it, but here in Somerset we seem to be over the worse, and the sun is shining in between the rain storms.
I treated myself to a new shuttle,  its made from Maple by Stewart Johnson,  and hand painted with Orchids on by Chris Parsons, of Lace-bobbins.co.uk.    I am really pleased with it,  its feels lovely and although I have not used it,  it is very light.   The nice thing I was able to just walk down the road from my house to his workshop.   I think I will be buying another one soon.

While I am showing a brand new shuttle here's an antique bone one,  we found this one and we think it belonged to my fathers mother and I found her hooks the other day,  they are really fine thin hooks and very sharp. I never saw her tat,  but I have some very old tatted mats which we think she must have made.   I wont be using them,  I would rather just keep them.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend and until we meet again
Take care



  1. Both shuttles are pretty, and I like the hooks. I like that the handles are quite thick compared to the hooks themselves, must make them easy to hold and use. I'm glad the storm wasn't as bad as predicted.

  2. Looks like you got a nice collection started, the hooks are sharp because some people tat directly onto cloth, like a hankie or doily, and there are some for sell now days for the same purpose. I think it is wonderful to know or be related to the person that used the shuttle.

  3. Gorgeous new shuttle and I love the old ones!

  4. What nice treasures, Margaret! How lovely to have your grandmother's tatting. Glad the weather was nicer than you feared. Happy week ahead.

  5. How lovely to find these heirlooms. They must be treasured.

    I would like to know what you use a shuttle for. Is it to do with tapestry?

    hugs sally x

    1. I am a tatter and the shuttle is used to make tatting. If you go down the pages of my blog you will find a lot of tatting that I have made.
      Thank you for your comment and if you would like more information left me know, I will be pleased to help you

  6. Beautiful shuttles, both new and old!


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