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Friday, 24 October 2014

Day Trip around Kos, Greece

Today I am going to take around Kos, there are a lot of photos which I have only picked out the best, To start with the first picture above is the sun rise that day from our balcony,  I had so many comments about the view so here's another quick look again.
Among the Greek island which are in the Aegean Sea, Kos is part of the Dodecanese Islands,  Kos is the third largest after Rhodes and Karpathos.  and is 4 nautical miles off Asia (Turkey).  Kos is an oblong shape of 45 km with a coastline of 113 km.
I am not going into Greek morphology but I am going to tell you a little about Hippocrates.
1st level of the hospital

This is the site of the first ever hospital in the world, 26 centuries ago,   it was founded by Hippocrates,  who was a great physician and philosopher and founder of medical science.
Born on Kos in the year 460 BC and died at a very old age in either 375 or 377 BC.
He went around studying with various philosophers before travelling to Egypt and Asia to enhance his knowledge and practised medicine.
Hippocrates was the first who made the most important innovation about dispensing medicine from the oracles and sorcerers,  In other words he made the distinction between medicine and religion, and set the bases for scientific research.  He was the first who classified diseases, methods of diagnosis and treatment.   Despite all the sub-standard knowledge of the period of that time,  he made discoveries as to nature and treatment of diseases are concerned.  So accurate and applicable  are the basis of many drugs today.  His knowledge of how to avoid infections,  on haemostasis as well as surgery, especially in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology are even today considered unrivalled.  He worked how to care for the sick and built the first hospital in the world,
2nd level of the hospital
It was built on three levels,  the first level is for the really sick and then as they got better they went up a level to no 2 and when they were nearly ready to go home they went up to the third level which had a view of Kos and across the sea to Turkey.  Unfortunately my photo does not show Turkey very well,  I was just to far out of range.

View across to Turkey
Third level of the hospital

It was Hippocrates ethics that were so great that he established the ethic code for the medical profession which is still used today by doctors all over the world.  

This is a view overlooking Kos and the salt pan region,  they do have Flamingoes living on it.

And onto to Zia,  which is the highest village on Kos,   It is famous for the view of the sunset.  I took these pictures from the coach so they are not the best.

This is the last working windmill on the island

Paradise Beach,  where the air bubbles still come up from the volcanic activity from the nearby volcanic island of Nisyros,  Nisyros is not far away from Kos and there is a trip over to the island where you can right down into the volcano,  we went last time and did not do the trip again.

This is the headland of Kefalos bay,  can you see the man's head ?

Besides the islands immense archaeology sites full of classical Hellenistic, Roman,  Knight,  Turkish and Italian monuments where you can find every period of interest.  Plus the Aegean scenery and endless beaches, crystal clear water and marvellous climate. Kos is now placed among the cosmopolitan islands of the Mediterranean Sea area.   Well worth a visit.

This is the last part of Kos,  I hope you enjoyed this post.


  1. Morning Margaret, I found this so fascinating, you should write a travel log, it would be informative and never boring, Thankyou for sharing this and hope to see more.xx

  2. Brings back so many happy times we used to visit all the places in the winter once the holiday makers had gone. Lots of wild flowers then!! Ginny x

  3. what a super holiday you had, some great views and lots of hospital info.... I got hacked but I am now back and running lol

  4. Thank you for the information on hîppocratyes: that was very interesting!

  5. Wonderful photos and interesting and informative text! Thanks for all your efforts in writing these posts. I'm always amazed at my lack of knowledge of ancient times and places. Can't imagine visiting Greece and its islands, . Did get to Hawaii twice, though, back in the '80s. Thought I was dreaming both times!

  6. What wonderful pictures and views, thanks for sharing your fabulous holiday.

    Hugs Diane

  7. Beautiful pictures and explanation. Now I want to go to Kos. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This is wonderful and I do believe it was a Greek doctor who wrote the first prescription for soap the earliest know is what I have herd what a great place to visit I can not but your pictures will do :) Thanks

  9. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Kos looks like a wonderful place. I knew Hippocrates was important, with Drs still having that oath, but I didn't know a lot of this.

  10. Lovely beginning with that beautiful sunrise, and enjoyed your photos and information very much. Thank you.

  11. Another very interesting post Margaret and the photos are fabulous. I love the magnificent sunrise, what a photo! Michelle x

  12. You must have enjoyed all the beautiful scenery of Kos. I remember watching a travel show on the first hospital in Kos. Love that windmill!


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