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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Diane's Snowflake. 6/25 motif challenge


I do love Diane's snowflake,  but I had a brain wave on holiday,  yes they do happen occasionally,  the snowflake at the bottom is her pattern,  but I thought it might be nice to add beads,  so I took away the Josephine knot in the middle of the chain and added four beads,   this is the result,
I think they are rather pretty.  the chains are slightly longer instead of 4 double stitches I have done 8 double stitches.
What do you think?
Here's a link to her blog


  1. Love your modified snowflakes. The beads add a nice sparkle.

  2. These snowflakes are so beautiful Margaret, I hope you are keeping well.
    Kevin xx

  3. Beautiful work as always Margaret. Michelle x

  4. I love your beaded snowflake. You could add many different coloured beads to white snowflakes. Diane's pattern with the JKs is lovely. I am always happy to tat JKs.

  5. You added beads in a clever way!

  6. I love the way you've adapted the pattern to make it your own! Imagine how those beads will sparkle when the snowflakes are hanging!

  7. What fun with the beads, love this addition! I was thinking of trying this on other patterns too! I really like the darker beads too, nice job!

  8. So pretty Margaret, I love all your work, clever and stunning...xxx


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