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Monday, 20 October 2014

Day Trip to Turkey

We took a day trip over to Bodrum in Turkey,   Although we have been to Turkey a couple of times we have not been to the Bodrum area,   Turkey is a very  large country and it may not look it on the map,  it takes four hours to fly from one end of Turkey to the other,  which is the same time it takes to fly from here in the UK to Turkey.
We went over by Catamaran which takes 40 mins from Kos,    Yes it really is that close,  and if you were not careful you could be put onto a Turkish mobile network which works out more expensive.  in fact the guide for the day before we left Kos said not to answer your mobile while over there as it would cost 5 euros just to say hello.
We were taken to the highest part over looking Bodrum and the picture above is overlooking Bodrum,  As you can see in the picture above,   the castle in the middle this was built by the Knights of St John,  Yes they did get around the Mediterranean and they built a lot of forts and castles in Greece and Malta.

 This is a picture of the centre of Bodrum,   its a busy town and harbour,  we did visit some archaeology sites but I have forgotten what they were so rather than get things wrong  I am not including those picture in this post.
We were taken to a gold shop,   it was an experience as the group walked in the door was shut behind us,   we had a look around,  if you stopped and looked they pounced,  there were several rooms including a silver room, a gold room,  precious stones room,  rugs and clothes,   all expensive,   even having a drink proved costly.  we were then taken when we had finished shopping to the centre of Bodrum to have free time shopping and lunch.

The harbour at Bodrum
Bodrum is five degrees hotter than Kos,   which we worked out at around 35c perhaps a little more,  on the day we went.
It was an interesting day
I hope you enjoyed this post and until we meet again Take care



  1. Fabulous photos from Kos in the winter you can see all the snow on the mountains

  2. Turkey is so beautiful, don't you think Margaret, such gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing..xx

  3. I have to get my map out it is hard to believe you live so close to Turkey. It is very beautiful.

    1. Yes its only four hours flying time, from the UK, people forget we are only a small island off the European coastline. Turkey is on the Edge of Europe and is part of Asia, although they want to become European and join the EU (European Union). Europe is not that big in fact we are smaller than the USA,

  4. Wonderful pics Margaret, looks fabulous glad you had a great time
    Kevin xx

  5. It is always so interesting to see your photos and read your posts about your holidays. Thank you for educating me! I am sure you had a marvellous time. Michelle x

  6. Looks like a nice holidayspot!

  7. Thanks for sharing your pictures of Bodrum. I'd like to go there one day!


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