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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Diana's Doodad Challenge 18/25

Lovely to be back from Greece,  weather is not quite as good as we had over there,  we left Greece at 29c and landed at Bristol to 4c just a few degrees difference,  and an air frost.  The journey home was a bit bumpy,  we were delayed an hour and took off at 2am Greek time,  after serving drinks and snacks they turned the lights down,  I just dozed off,  ping the lights went up and the seat belts to be put on,  dozed off,  I felt Vernon unclipped the belt,  I have no idea how long but ping lights on and again seat belts that happen three times,   we did the longest journey home by going over Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Amsterdam, over the north sea, across London over Heathrow, and down the M4, I thought it was never going to end.
We never saw a cloud in the sky until the last day, 13 days of blue skies and then just this little puffy white cloud,  but who cares with temperatures every day over 90+,  although we did have some very windy days but that kept the heat at bay.  This time last week I was sitting on a beach,  now I am catching up with the washing and housework,  I know what I would rather be doing?
I have a lot of pictures of Rhodes and will share with you during the next week,  I also did a lot of tatting while I was away,  not as much as I did in Crete but while I was away I was taken ill and although I managed on pain killers I tried hard to wait until I was home and I saw the duty doctor on Thursday afternoon who is referring me straight to the Royal United Hospital at Bath,  now I have to wait for an appointment hopefully it wont be too long.  Its only four weeks since I was cleared of cancer and discharged from Frenchay Hospital,  I was feeling on top of the world not having to have any more hospital appointments,  that did not last very long.

Anyway while I was away I did Diana's Doodad challenge,   you may well be asking what is she taking about,   well we in tatland have been challenged to doing a piece of tatting with a metal thing,  we still dont have a proper name for them,  and so far I am having trouble finding them in this country.   These two gold ones were sent to me from Diana in the US link to her blog   
So the first one is a snowflake pattern which I adjusted to to attach onto the doodad,  its an Anna pattern 1291/32  or December 1991 pattern number 32. I used Lizbeth thread No 20 Scotish Thistle.

The second is Fox's pattern Athalia which I used Lizbeth thread no 20 Summer Fun, I used gold seed beads to match the gold doodad,  to check out Fox's lovely pattern here is the link to her blog
This is has been a great challenge,  and thank you Diana for not only doing the challenge but sending the doodad's to me.
If you know the correct name for these little things and where I can get some more please let me know either by leaving a comment or using my e-mail address which is in the sidebar.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend and until I see you again take care


  1. Lovely!

    Gian wanted to send some medicated catnip - and hopes you are feeling much better.

    I want to send you a couple of doodads - I have lots! Please send me your address.
    xxoox Fox : )

  2. These are very pretty hugs Ginny ♥

  3. Margaret, your tatting is beautiful! I found the doodads at Fire Mountain Gems. They're referred to as components, findings, or links, depending on the site. At FMG they're called links.

  4. beautiful tatting margaret, i hope you are going to teach me one day. hope you get your appointment soon and they sort your out.

    hugs suzanne x

  5. These are beautiful Margaret, i hope you get a quick appointment, I look forward to seeing your photo's
    Kevin xx

  6. Lovely tatting hope that all goes well for you with you appointments!

  7. I would love to go to Greece some day! I'm glad you had a nice trip.
    Hope you get to feeling better!
    The tatting is lovely! Keep up the good work!

  8. So lovely!
    Metal parts fit your beautiful tatting lace.

  9. Hi Margaret,

    Hope you feel better after the doctor's visit. I have been following Joanna Lumley's Greece programme and wished I could visit. I must try Athalia. Yours look so pretty! Sitting on the beach in Greece sounds perfect.

  10. Those are really fabulous!!! :)

  11. Hi Margaret, well apart from the days you weren't very well, your hols sounds wonderful and I hope you have good memories of it.....sorry your not so good again.....
    Your tatting is always so pretty, just stunning.xxx

  12. I love both of your doodad motifs, especially how you used all the holes in the square one for the top motif, and managed to do tiny rings to fit in there. The thread colors are attractive, too!


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