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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

August Pinterest Challenge - Pin Chicks ~ Bracelets


Another month and another challenge,   this time I saw this pattern on Pinterest and like the idea of making a bracelet with it,   I had several  trys and different sizes of rings and chains and this is what I came up with in the end, These bracelets do not have beads,  hopefully I will find time to try a variation with beads.
The pattern is really simple,  just chains and spilt rings and I don't  have a name for this pattern yet,
                                                      Starting with the first colour
There is a small ring at the beginning for the clips so we start with a ring 8 - 2 close ring.
Ring 2+ (join to first ring) 4-2 close ring
Chain 15 ds
Ring 2-2/2-2 close ring
Chain 15 ds  repeat until you have the required length

Second colour
Ring 2 + (join to the first ring) 4 + (join to second ring on the length) 2 close ring
                                                      chain 15 ds
                                                      Ring 2 + (join to the other side of ring) 2 / 2 + join to next ring on                                                         length)  2 close ring
                                                     Chain 15 and continue until you have finished the length finish with                                                      a ring 2+ 4 - 2 close ring and another ring for the clips 2+8 and close                                                      ring.
I used white lizbeth thread,  in white and purple and white with red and green no 20 threads.

Well there's my challenge do pop over and see what the other ladies had done this month,
Suzanne,                      Margaret 2

Caroline                       Muskaan

We are having beautiful weather at the moment, hopefully you are enjoying it.


  1. Very cute !!! They look like synchronized sinusoidal waves :-)
    Thanks for sharing the pattern, too... time to pick up my shuttles ?!

  2. Awesome bracelets!!! :)
    Fabulous colors too!!! :)

  3. Margaret these are beautiful but I wish you wouldn't say they are "really simple" because it's like reading a foreign language to me. Oh I sooooo want to learn to tat. How many times have I said that? You sent me the shuttle and thread and everytime I try I manage to mess it up. I just can't understand how the thread is meant to flip over. I won't give up tho.
    Your bracelets are lovely and have inspired me to get the shuttle out again and see if something in my brain can flip! Lol
    I don't think these need beads, they look lovely as they are.
    What a great pin, well done.
    Hugs Suzanne xx

  4. what pretty bracelets you have made, small but so cute

  5. Lovely bracelets! They make me think of sound waves. Thanks for the pattern.

  6. Nice bracelets, love the interlocking effect. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  7. Very pretty bracelets. Thanks for sharing the instructions.

  8. Oh Margaret I was unable to post a pinterest and forgot it was end of month. I had an upset with things at home. My little dog was attacked by a big dog while on the leash and had to get emergency care for her and we have been nursing her back to health.

  9. I do say this is a lovely bracelet and wonderful design, you always pick great ideas :)

  10. Beautiful bracelets Margaret, they look very delicate and difficult to make- you must be very patient.

  11. Very neat looking Margaret - I like your bracelets! :-)


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