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Friday, 26 August 2016

Klosters Switzerland and Liechtenstain

This is the last post for our holiday and I hope you enjoy this one as much as the previous ones as some of you have.  It seems ages ago but they have been long posts and it takes time to put together.   In a couple of weeks we are off again so I think I better get on with this one.
We start in Klosters,  very famous resort in Switzerland for the skiing and for Prince Charles and Prince William who goes skiing in Klosters in the winter.  These first two pictures are as we drive into Klosters and also shows some of the ski slopes.

These are the window display in the Florist shop in the resort,  they were just so beautiful and I just had to stop and take some photos.

These unusual arrangements, were worthy of a photo and being an ex florist these displays were gorgeous.

Ok we are moving on these pictures are of the resort,  a very expensive resort,  we arrived at lunchtime,  to find the shops closed for a long lunch,  so it was window shopping and I might add there was no prices on the things in the windows,
We did stop and have a nice long drink,  a soft drink was 4.50 Swiss francs,  at 1.27 Swiss francs to the pound I will leave you to work it out.

Mountains in the back ground of the village and the ski slopes

A few more of Klosters

This is me,  Vernon liked the flowers and made me stand to take a picture,  I hate my picture being taken,  but it was too hot to complain, so I let him.

Right we are leaving Klosters and we are on the road to Liechtenstein.

Lichtenstein is a Principality of its own between Switzerland and Austria,  it has a royal family and a ruling Prince,  the Princely house of Liechtenstein is among the worlds oldest of royal families.  It is now ruled by Prince Hans-Adam II who took over in 1989.   Unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the coach to get a good picture of the castle that sits above the capital of Vaduz,  this is a miniature of the castle in the centre of Vaduz. 
Liechtenstein lies between the Lake Constance climate zone (wet and cool, influenced by the Atlantic) and dry warm inner alpine climate around the Swiss town of Chur.   My first and second post showed you Lake Constance and the town of Chur.  The currency for Liechtenstein is the Swiss franc,  so again everything was very expensive.
I hope you have enjoyed my posts about our holiday back in June,  gosh it seems so long ago and I am sorry its taken so long to write up these posts, all I hope that you have enjoyed seeing some of Europe.  Soon we shall be off again but this time flying over Europe onto to Greece.
Until we meet again take care and stay cool


  1. Wonderful pictures and information and you look beautiful too, nice to see the lady that makes all those beautiful things. Must have been a super vacation:)

  2. I love seeing pictures of your travels! My parents visited Switzerland years ago, but that was before digital cameras. Technology has certainly made it easier for all of us to see places we might never be able to visit. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Super photographs Margaret, it looks like you had a wonderful holiday.

  4. Beautiful photos of a wonderful holiday! Loved seeing the photo of you.


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