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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Bernina Express

Another train ride this time we start in Switzerland and end up in Italy.  So its all aboard the Bernina Express
The freedom of the mountains,  the ride combines the cool beauty of the mountains with the warm charm of Italy.
Running along the 122 Kilometres of track passing through 55 tunnels and over 196 bridges and viaducts the is a masterpiece of engineering skills.  Its combination with the surrounding

 is what constitutes its recognition as a UNESCO world Heritage site,  this site really does stir the heart
We start at St Moritz which is the pictures at the start.  St Moritz is 6,000 feet (1800 meters) above sea level.  One of the most famous tourist destinations in the world,  it was a pity we did have time to look around but I went there many many years ago and it was a beautiful place.
So here go sit back and enjoy a beautiful ride.

 That's Janet's head,  behind the is a amazing waterfall.  I told you about Janet in the last post.  Vernon took a lot of these pictures he stood up as the train went along.  I might add this is only a small sample of the photos taken

 "The water to the north of the Bernina Pass naturally flow via the Danube and into the Black Sea,  while the waters to the south of the pass end up in the river Po and the Adriatic,  Efforts began in 1911 to change the natural order somewhat,  the tap water in the artificial lakes such as Lago Bianco and Lej Nair whose names refer to different colours:  Light for Lago Bianco:  dark for Lej Nair"
I don't know which lake this pictures are but thats a bit about them both.

 That's the train as we go around the bend,   you may see some more of it in the pictures as go along

The picture below has a reflection of Vernon as he takes some pictures

 A better picture of the train and inside with the large windows

We journey around this lake  Lake Pulu with view over to Cavaglia and the Italian Alps beyond.

 This is the Brusio Circular Viaduct,  it does go around in a circle and I have tried to take as many pictures of this as you can see it going around,  yes the train really does go around this corkscrew viaduct.   The viaduct has a 360 degree curve,  artificially allows the railway to preform a brusque change of height in a very short space.

 Yes that is the train,   we are going down and you see the rest of train as you go around the corkscrew.

I took this picture of this bridge I have no idea where we are at the time but I was fascinated by it.

Well thats is you are now in Tirano Italy,  it was very hot 36c and after the coolness of the mountains it was a bit of a shock to the body.
I hope you enjoyed the ride,  as I say this is just a few photos of our journey we did back in June.   We enjoyed the Bernina Express better the ride was slower and we could take more photos,
I have at least one more post of this amazing coach holiday,
Until we meet again take care


Information was taken form the guild book on the Bernina Express.


  1. Lovely and "refreshing" pics. I've heard about this train but never gone there.

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures! The last train ride I took was the Durango to Silverton steam train in Colorado. It was so restful and the surroundings were beautiful. I love train rides!

  3. Wonderful photos of your trip, Margaret. Beautiful scenery.

  4. What sensational views! Marvellous.

  5. Beautiful photographs Margaret, the scenery is stunning.

  6. What beautiful scenery! Those train windows are just the thing for the stunning views. You must have enjoyed the trip.

  7. Thanks for taking us along on the train ride :-))) Lovely pics & explanatory comments alongside - thoroughly enjoyable :-)

  8. The windows on the train are great for taking brilliant photos. I like the one where you can see the rest of the train as you go around the curves!


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