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Monday, 31 October 2016

October Pinterest Challenge by the Pin chicks

Gosh the end of October already, it's been a hard month for me and I never thought I would have finished this but I did and as it's Autumn I have also included some tatting which I was going to post and then thought let's put it altogether.  In fact both items are on Pinterest so it's like a double challenge.
The knitted pumpkins are from a pattern by Bobbi Lewin. It's the first pattern she has written up,  the pattern made the small pumpkin and then I thought I would make one bigger,  well after a little unpicking and re knitting this pumpkin is bigger but not quite as big as I would have liked.  I also think my green is a bit dark but its was the only green I had the other odd bit of wool was far too light.  A link for the pattern is http://bobbilewin.com and it is called Pumpkins
Now for the tatted Maple Leaf Motif,  I did enjoy making this leaf,  I have been making snowflakes and got a bit off with them so it was nice to change colour.  This pattern is by Tammy Rodgers aka GreenFuzzer and the lizbeth thread no 20 is called Falling Leaves.  I don't have a link for this pattern but I think most tatters will either have the pattern or know where to find it.

Now I know a lot of my followers will want to know how my eye is,  well I had the second injection in my eye this last week,  i felt the injection this time but the eye did not swell up so much,  I have another injection in a months time.  It was a bad week,  our journey to Sheffield was to say the least eventful with a division that we never found the end to and instead ended up on another division that also went into another division.  Well we found our way back to the road we wanted in the end.  Then on the M1 having came off for a quick stop for the loo,  and trying to get back on the motorway we got hit by a lorry.  We only had mirror damage and were able to continue our journey.  The car will be off the road for a couple of days while it's repaired.  It could have been a lot worse and we were both shaken,  it's our first accident ever.   Just hope the next time we go up at the end of November it will be a better journey.
Please do go and visit the pin chicks blogs,  I have no idea what they have done and I am sure it will be worth a visit,  here are the links
Until the next time we meet up
 Take care


  1. Oh wow love the pumpkins and your knitting is always fun I have not finished mine but will post tomarrow finished or not. I am so glad yo posted the information on you eye and glad you are safe accidents are scary things. Reminds use to be thankful for so many things can be gone in an instant.

  2. I love the stunning colours of your thread and the design of your maple leaf, super little pumpkins as well, what a journey, pleased you were not injured

  3. Wonderful colours great work Ginny x
    My Blog As I do Rodos

  4. Glad you're okay! I love the little pumpkins 🎃!

  5. Love your pumpkins and maple leaf! Goodness, sounds like a very scary journey. I'm glad you got there and had the eye injection.

  6. Neat pumpkins and great leaf!!! :)

  7. I love the pumpkins! Good to hear no one was hurt in the bump butI know this sort of thing can leave you quite shaken.

  8. Your pumpkins are fabulous Margaret and your Maple Leaf motive is stunning, it look very intricate.

  9. Margaret I love your pumpkins, they are so cute and the leaf is so beautiful, what a great pun and all this while you are not well, you are amazing!

    Hugs suzanne x

  10. Oh dear, another bad incident . Glad you are both safe.
    Your pumpkins are absolutely yummy and the maple leaf goes so well with them.
    Best wishes on your next trip. Perhaps you could consider another means of transport this time?


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