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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

3,200 Years in one Photo


I received this by email from a friend, and I thought it was a great story, I am always looking for something different to put on my blog so I hope you enjoy this.  Its taken me five goes to get blogger to print the words,  oh yes the pictures came out but the words no way,  anyway I hope this time its going to work and print it all.  

Amazingly awesome to think of the life of this tree! 
Thank God no loggers took it down.
Nor forest fires, nor earthquakes.  Just a quite life in a
California forest for all these years.
3200 Years in One Photo

Not every tree has a nickname,  but "The President" has
earned it.
This giant sequoia stands at 247 feet tall and is estimated 
to be over 3,200 years
Old. Image, this tree was already 1200 years old when
Jesus walked the earth.

The trunk of the President measures at 27 feet across
with 2 Billion needles
From base to top

Because of its unbelievable size,  this tree has never been
photographed in its
Entirety, until now.  National Geographic photographers
have worked along with
Scientists to try and create the first photo thats shows the
President in all its glory.

They had to climb the tree with pulleys and levers,  and 
took thousands of Photos.
Of those,  they selected 126 stitched them together,
To get this portrait of the President.
and here it is

The man standing at the bottom near the trunk is a good indicator of the trees size

Incredible, isn't it?



  1. Can't thank you enough for doing this Margaret, what a sight it must be, can you imagine touching it and wondering the tales it could tell.....oh I just love this stuff....your a gem...xx

  2. Wow! What an incredible sight Margaret, thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Truly fascinating ! Nature's strength and man's resilience to scale Nature's heights :-) Yet, the 'scale' is remarkable


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