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Friday, 13 January 2017

Tatted Ice Drops


Something new in Tatting these are called Ice Drops,  The crazy was started by Diane,  and its taken on big time,  
The tatting is around glass nuggets,  the white one was my first and its not perfect, I had trouble getting some smaller glass nuggets as they are called in the UK,   |But as I learnt the pattern I managed to make more rings and enclose a bigger glass nugget.

So this is my bigger one this time I used  Lizbeth thread Springtime No 20,  the glass nugget is clear but is taking on the colour of the thread.   I tatted a chain to hang them both,  nothing fancy just a plain chain this time,   The little rings off the chain are 3-3-3-3, Hoping to make many more so watch this space as they say.

Hope you are not too snowed in,   we woke up to a covering of snow this morning but the sun did melt it,   hopefully thats the white stuff over and done with this winter.
Have a nice weekend


  1. Wow, so pretty, what beautiful creations.....
    I hope you and Vernon are well.... have a nice weekend...x

  2. I love the springtime one! Such a great idea!

  3. So you must have let Diane's ice drop melt in, this is beautiful I am working with that springtime color in my doily and love it too. Take care hugs from Carollyn 😄💟😄

  4. These are so pretty Margaret, they look very fiddly - lovely winter blues.

  5. how beautiful and so pretty in blue, keep warm still more rotten weather to come, but it;s called winter !!!

  6. these are beautiful Margaret love the variety of shades in the coloured one

  7. I love your Ice Drops, Margaret! I hope you enjoyed the pattern!

  8. Gorgeous! I like the way you can see through to the tatting on the other side.

  9. I see a tatted necklace of them - a drop for fam birthstones, for grandkids, for school colors... They look delightful!


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