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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

January Pinterest Challenge by the Pin chicks

This is the first challenge of the year and I may be the only one posting illness has depleted us,  we have also lost one of our members for a year Mushaan has decided to take a year out,  but we may have some new members joining.  If anyone would like to join us you will be very welcome.
This month I decided that I would try some knitting this little bag is called Sundance Make up Bag by Classic Elite Yarns,  the pattern I found a challenge more the way it was written more than anything,  but I got there in the end,  below is the piece laid out when knitted,  above is the finished bag and to your right is the back view.

I did not like the decorative gusset as they called it,  so I knitted another bag without the gusset and I think it looks better,  

The picture below shows the finished knitted piece without the gusset and the back view of the bag

The handle I knitted slightly different to the pattern I used the three stitches as in the pattern but I only knitted enough for the handle and then sewd the two ends together making a ring rather than in the pattern a long strip and tried with a knot.
I have lined the bag inside (a) so it wont stretch and (b) to keep its shape better.
I used a glittery wool which has not shown up much but the glitter is there its called Baby Twinkle double knitting wool by James C Brett Limited.
This Pinterest challenge was a challenge in as much working out the pattern but I do like the outcome of the bag.
At this point I usually say do pop over and see the over ladies,  here's is a link to  Carollyn's blog but not much point giving you any others I may be the only one this month.
As from January this year our challenges are now every two months so the next posting will be on the 31st March.  Hopefully everyone will be back on track and well.


  1. I live this, and of course the color too, I am hoping to post mine tomarrow you are a trooper 😄hugs from Carollyn

  2. This is so cute ! I could see the sparkle in larger image. I agree about the gusset - looks better without it. Nice tip about the handle !!!
    Best wishes for a great challenge year :-)

  3. a lovely little knitted bag, hope your numbers are soon up again

  4. So pretty Margaret, sorry to hear you group is struggling, all the bugs about this year is it any wonder...hope it soon sorts itself....
    Have a good day....xx

  5. Margaret, this is absolutely beautiful. well done on such a lovely pin. sorry I'm so late but I know you understand. xx

    1. Of course I understand, hopefully next time with blog a new Pinterest challenge you will join us.
      Take care hugs Margaret

  6. Lovely knitted bags Margaret, such pretty colours.
    I have vowed to do some knitting this year, I hope I do manage to do some.

  7. Very pretty and it must be even prettier in person when the glitter shines.


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