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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Polish Doily from Craftree Update


Here is the latest on the Polish doily from Craftree,   This is the ninth row completed and I used the purple lizbeth thread,   the light has been too bad to sew in the ends hopefully by the next update I will have found some good light.   Thats two rounds in each colour and I am now on the 10th round back to pink,   The chains are pulling themselves straighter now with the weight of the more rows and its looking a lot better in the shape too.   There's a little more to do I'm hoping the colour scheme will be ok.

Hope you had a lovely christmas and New Year.



  1. It looks a tricky pattern with those long chains, you're doing a good job!

  2. it looks an interesting piece, and quite large, daylight has been non-existant here, just different shades of grey lol, best wishes for the new year

  3. Beautiful Margaret, so pretty...
    Hope you had a good Christmas and New year celebrations...All the best...xx

  4. Happy new year, Margaret! I love the colors you are using!

  5. Oh this looks like a beautiful one and you always know your colors too. Happy New Year from Carollyn!

  6. Your doily is beautiful Margaret, I hope you get some good light soon so that you can finish it.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  7. That looks amazingly! Good for you. 😊 The colours are just fine.


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