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Monday, 22 June 2015

My Amaryllis

I have a lots of photos of Madeira to organise before I can put them on my blog,  plus yesterday we went to the Parchment Show in Bristol which I also have a lot of photos to show,  so in the meantime here's what we came home to,  this Amaryllis never flowered last year,  in fact in January it look dead along with his mate who both got put out on the patio ready to throw away when the weather improved.   Around late April, when I was sorting  the patio and cleaning up from the winter ready for the summer,  I saw the pot and what looked like a green shoot.  He had been out in all winds and frost, rain etc,.  It was brought in and told if you don't flower you are joining your mate in the garden bin.
Well I got three leaves and he was unceremoniously reminded if you don't flower or do something you are going out,  and then I saw a flower bud.   It grow and when we went on holiday I thought we might miss the flower but no he waited and here he is in flower to welcome us home.  Better late than never he should have flowered just after christmas,
I think I might keep him for a while longer?


  1. That is a magical amaryllis!

  2. See, it 'flowers' (read pays) to talk to a plant ;-P
    Lovely bloom ! So glad you kept it :-)

  3. What a fun story and great surprise for your return home, this flower is absolutely beautiful and the color is very inspiring, maybe you should tat something with these colors!

  4. what stunning colours, pleased you gave it a chance!

  5. I'm glad you were home in time to see it flower, so beautiful. Perhaps you should've kept the other one too, it might also have revived. A friend of mine had a whole row of amaryllis in pots, varying in colour from darkest maroon to palest pink. A wonderful flower.

    1. The other one definitely died, hopefully I can get some new bulbs in the autumn when they come out in the shops


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