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Thursday, 16 June 2011

I don't think I could take any more


No pictures today, I have had enough and can't take any more, Apart from still waiting for the op, hopefully I might have a date soon. I have pain in my left shoulder and arm to the point I have had trouble moving it, lifting anything, that I am having physio on it. Now the physio has told me that its the gall bladder that is causing the pain, it was proved a week ago when I had a very bad with pain from the gall bladder and the arm and shoulder just played hell and I could not even use it.
I went to Frome Hospital on Tuesday to check out my mole which they have been keeping an eye on. This time I saw a different doctor who said it had not grown but there was a white spot in the middle and she wanted to take a sample. Fine as its on my back and should be healed by the time we go to Italy in July.
She numbed it and then poked about with it and then I heard Vernon (my husband) say is that all of it, and its a big hole. Laying on my tummy and not being able to see what was going on. Instead of the sample she had taken the whole mole, fine one less thing to worry about, not that I was worried. She then tried stitching it up , she changed needles several times and moaned about the needles, Vernon said he could have done a better job and finally I had 4 stitches. She said it would come back to life in a couple of hours, by the time I got back to the car, my husband drove to Sainburys the other side of Frome about 2 miles, it had bleed though the dressing on my top and had started to hurt. By the time we got home 6 miles it was hurting like hell and has not stopped hurting, that's nearly two days ago and I still feel very sore and it hurts a lot, yesterday I had a wet patch on my top, and I cant lean on my back. I have rang the surgery this morning for help, the dressing should be changed today, hopefully they might to that for me.
Now today I have a dentist appointment I hope she does not do anything don't think I could take anymore, and in the post this morning a letter to say I am due a ladies screening test. Is there anything else they can do to me??
I hope you are keeping well,
Take care until we meet again in blog land.


  1. I'm really sorry you're having such a hard time of it. Hope you heal up fast!

  2. You are well and truly in the wars at the moment Margaret, sending Healing thoughts and a gentle hug.
    Kevin xx

  3. Awwww Margaret, I am sorry for you, you are really in the wars, lets really hope that very soon, all this will be sorted once and for all, now don't go throwing the towel in will you.....take it easy hun.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. aw margaret, you really are going through it at the minute.sending you lots of hugs and take it easy.

    xx coops xx

  5. oh dear Margaret
    You seem to have cornered the market in pains and appointments, hope you will soon be feeling much better, thinking of you

  6. oh dear, who did you have on you - a trainee? that is ridiculous. I really hope you get better soon, thinking of you.

  7. Aww Margaret you are having a bad time lately sweetie......sending hugs and hope everything gets better soon! x

  8. Hi Margaret
    It was lovely to meet you and your husband yesterday. I do hope that your op is as soon as possible for you. After all you have been through it will be a welcome relief to have it all behind you.
    I have added my name to your followers and thank you for your visit to me.
    It was spooky to find that we have so many geographical places in common.


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