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Friday, 26 June 2015

Chinese food in Madeira


Yes we found a wonderful Chinese Restaurant in Madeira,  the picture above was the decoration inside the restaurant.  It was one of the best meals we have had in a Chinese restaurant,  in fact we had an other meal on our last night,  I took the photos on my Mobile,  they seem to have come out well.  amazing what did we do without mobile phones?
Now heres a question for Wendy,   she often has food on her blog,  she has a very interesting blog so why not pay her a visit here is the link
So can anyone guess what this was....................

Answers on the next post.



  1. I've not a clue, looks like a steamed apple to me, but I don' DO Chinese or Indian food lol

  2. Hi Margaret, well it looks like a baked apple with cream, but I suppose it can't be, does look yummy though....xxxx

  3. It's not Apple, in fact it's not a friut, It's something that everyone enjoys

  4. I have no idea, but I wish I could join you. I love visiting new places and trying out new foods!

  5. If it's not a fruit, could it be Creme Caramel ? I Do love that !

  6. I saw your post with the answer. But initially I thought it was an apple or a potato. I have tried this before and liked it. Glad you enjoyed your trip and the food too.


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