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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentines Day / It's finished 25/25 Motif Challenge

Happy Valentines Day,  I hope you have a lovely day,  we are hoping if its a fine day that we will go out for the day.
This is a new pattern to me and I did use red thread,  but it came out slightly pink,  I have no idea now how to photo red,  this is not the first item that I have made recently in red only to find the photos come out pinky. I wanted to get this post done so I have not blocked the heart and the light is not good enough to sew in the ends.  This pattern is call Tat Chat Heart  by LaRae Mikulecky link to pattern.  I used Lizbeth thread no 20 in red.  Its a nice heart and I think I will be making more of these.


Here it is,   do you remember that I never finished the Pinterest challenge for January well its finished and thank goodness,   Yes I am still sick of it.  link to the piece I wrote about it last time.   Shannon put the butterfly on the 25 motif challenge site and she thought it was similar to a butterfly in the book New Dimensions in Tatting by To De Haan-Van Beer,   I have a copy of this book which I have not looked at for a long time,  yes on page 39,  the body of the butterfly is done in wool and a chain doubled in half and then the wool is made into an antenna.   The butterfly is there but the tatter who put the pattern on pinterest and putting her name (Cxema K MoAenn 53) on it changed the body by making a tatted body and putting beads in it and added bead to the bottom of the wings and beads throughout the wings. Therefore making it her butterfly.  Looking at the pattern in the book I would not have made it,   the pattern looks a nightmare and believe me its no better in the diagram which she put on pinterest.
I did change one thing on the pattern I added a ring on the last chain at the top so a ring could be put on the butterfly to connect it to a chain,  see photo below.
Now its on to February's Pinterest challenge which I have decided on and just a question of making, so watch this space as they say.

I hope you have a lovely day,  and until we meet again take care


  1. Stunning make Margaret, what patience you have love it

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! Congratulations on completing your 25 motifs. That butterfly does look like an awful lot of work, something I would probably walk away from. I'm glad you were able to persevere and complete it.

  3. Wow, Margaret, I take my hat off to you for mastering the butterfly. Beautiful result.

  4. Good work !!! Well worth completing the butterfly. Didn't realise you had used beads till you mentioned .... had to take a closer look :-)

  5. Good work !!! Well worth completing the butterfly. Didn't realise you had used beads till you mentioned .... had to take a closer look :-)

  6. Beautiful work Margaret..........I hope you both had a lovely day...xxx

  7. Your butterfly is beautiful- well done you for persevering!!!

  8. I am so glad you finished this beautiful butterfly, I realy like her she is elegant and sorry she was such a pain coming out of her chrysalis :) Happy Valentines Day!


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