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Sunday, 28 February 2016

February's Pinterest challenge by the Pin Chicks

Well that mouth went fast and here we are again with another pinterest challenge,  we also have a new member which I will link at the end.
This pattern was a free pattern on Pinterest and here is the link to the page  the design is by http://www.verbenacreazioni.it/  and is no 18 Modello Frozen.   There is a video showing how to make this design in needle tatting.   Now here's  the problem I don't needle tat,  so I did a play around with the design and changed it into a shuttle tatting design,  the changes are very slight,  To make it into an earring I added a small ring at the top for the ring,   then the first ring (a) I did a split ring down into the design,  the rings are lettered so B and D I did not do a joining picot I added a single bead and left them loose.  It worked.

Now I thought it would look lovely as a pendant but the earring size to me was too small for a pendant,   So I doubled all the stitch counts adding three beads on rings B and D the chains are long and the rings are very big.  At the end a very small ring with a large bead in the centre,  I only did this as an after thought but if I was doing this again I would do it at the beginning.  I have not blocked the pendant yet as I wanted to post it with the earrings.
I am happy with this design and delighted that this months as turned out so well.
I used christmas red Lizbeth thread no 20 on both earrings and pendant.
Now as I write this and schedule it for the 28th I have no idea what the others have done,  so can I suggest you pop over to the blogs and see what they have done.  We never tell each other what we are doing or making so its always a surprise.
Suzanne's blog,   Carollyn's blog,  Muskaan's blog  and our new member Imoshen's blog
Until we meet again take care


  1. Morning Margaret, What beautiful earrings, so pretty and I am always blown away with the intricate designs you use, you must have a bundle of patience...
    Hope your having a nice day...xx

  2. what pretty beads on this stunning pendant and earring set, I love the deep red

  3. Oh wow you clever lady! You have done a great job, I love the red and it was a perfect idea to make a matching pendant. Well done on changing the pattern, oh I wish I could tat!
    Fantastic pin for February, now roll on March!
    Hugs Suzanne xx

  4. it's quite pretty and you modifications to make the pendant are fantastic!

  5. Hey Margaret, I love the earrings and like the amount of beads too. You are always great with colors and red is classic too :) I know how you feel with the beaded bird, I so wanted to do that ballet dress you made a while back that is one I had picked in my secret pin pile on Pinterest Too! :)

  6. Lovely !!!! Verbena has shared some really nice patterns (which I have pinned, but not made yet) & you have done an excellent job with the pendant, too.

  7. Gorgeous and elegant set!!! :)


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