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Friday, 19 February 2016

My goal for three months


Do you remember this post      that at present I am doing a Fibromalgia course at the Mineral Hospital in Bath,  the first week we were set a goal for the week,  well I set myself tatting the middle of the Land of Laces Heart doily,  I am using Lizbeth Cranberry Bush No 20.  I completed the middle in the week set for the goal.
Well now they have set a goal for three months,   and as you can see by the picture I have done the next row in Light Leaf Green no 683 in no 20 lizbeth thread.   My goal is to get the final row of the doily by the time we go back to the hospital for a review of our progress.
I have started the next row and I am back using Cranberry Bush .
I am hoping to get to the final row and hopefully get a few hearts done.  I am preparing a post about the Mineral Hospital and its history.
Until we meet again take care


  1. Hi Margaret, You know I love to see your tatting creations, they are so pretty, this is no exception and I look forward to seeing the finished piece.....
    Have a lovely week-end..xx

  2. I like your choice of colours. The light leaf green is a nice pale shade which will contrast well. Hope you are doing well, Margaret. Always appreciate your visits to my blog. Tsuru sends her love.

  3. what beautiful colours and pattern, I hope your course goes well

  4. It's looking wonderful! I do like Cranberry Bush. The colors make my mouth water!

  5. Your doily is growing more beautiful!!! :)

  6. il tuo centro è molto bello ciao hello

  7. You always pick the prettiest color combinations this is lovely and great progress for being ill too wow!

  8. well done Margaret, you are doing so well with your doily, its not easy to concentrate when you have so much pain. i'm looking forward to seeing it finished, its looks lovely so far.
    hugs Suzanne xx


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