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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Happy 90th Birthday Mother

This is a scheduled post as I am today at Shepton Mallet Show doing a tatting demo.  I can only hope that it is fine which will make a change as this week we have some very heavy rain,  its a lot warmer than it has been.  Is this another summer quick minute and by next week it will be back to how it has been,  a wet summer.
Today is Mothers 90th birthday,  as you know she is now in a nursing home at Ston Easton,  she still has not walked since her fall and now I doubt if she ever will. She has settled in and seems to be happy as least I don't get too many moans,
Mother is a Japanese POW from world war II,    she was a nursing sister assigned to the Royal Navy on the Australian conveys,   the ship she was on was torpedoed by the Japanese and she spent two and half years in Japan.    She still has scares from her injuries she got when the ship went down,  plus the scars of being in the Japanese camp.  After the war she went and worked on the cruise liners when they started up again.
When I grow up I spent my childhood travelling Europe as Mother had a travel business,   it was an unusual childhood and I saw and went to many places that most people would have never heard of. We used to pick which hotels we wanted to see and then my father would work out a route to drive around Europe  We would then walk into the hotel,  and ask if they had a room,   we never told them who we were or book. They have suspected a family as being a travel agent. Up in the room it was checking out if there was dust under the beds,   was the bathroom clear etc, etc.,  go down to a meal,  next morning have breakfast and then go and pay the bill,  it was then they would tell them who they were.   Many receptionists face have drop and managers come running,  it was our way of checking out a hotel before we sent anyone to stay.   No good telling them in advance they clean the room,  cook special meals and try to win you over in sending guests to their wonderful hotel.  Better to have the same treatment as your guests so you know what they will get.
I hope she likes her card,   I used a flower soft image and made some parchment flowers,  the gems in the middle are ones I found last time I went to Rhodes a few years ago,  I only use them on special cards.  I hope to get some more when we go on holiday in ten days time. 
I hope you are having a lovely weekend and enjoying the sunshine that is if its shinning where you are,  as the north of England has rain.
Until we meet again take care


  1. Morning Margaret, This was fascinating to read, although I knew some of this story already, your life was amazing really, for a child to see and experience so much must have made you very worldly and super confidant....Your Mother must have gone through such alot when she was a POW, I hope she has a wonderful Birthday, and she will adore your gorgeous card, it's beautiful.xx

  2. Hi Margaret, the card is beautiful and Happy Birthday to your Mum, I hope she is doing ok, I hope all is going well with the tatting demo.
    Kevin xx

  3. I would love to sit and have a cup of tea with you (or something stronger, if you prefer!) and listen to tales from your childhood. Sounds absolutely fascinating and so unusual.

    A Big Happy Birthday wish to your mom! I hope feels well these days.

    xxooxx Fox : )

  4. What a strong lady your Mum has been to survive all this..... what a fascinating life travelling so much before it was really fashionable or affordable. Wishing her a happy 90th Birthday and hope the tatting day goes well, raining here as usual!lol

  5. Wonderful card for a wonderful Mum. hugs Ginny ♥


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