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Friday, 31 August 2012

Stella and Alec Wedding Day

Today we should have been going to Stella's and Alec wedding party but well we are in Rhodes,   someone booked a holiday without thinking and remembering that I had RSVP we would be at the party in the Cadbury House, in Congresbury near Bristol.
Stella was one of my Bridesmaids when we got married ten years ago.
I have sent a present and this is the card I made.
I did a parchment card,   the bride and groom are peel off's which I put on parchment and worked a pattern in the middle and then cut out and 3d onto the parchment,  I did a design around the outside and placing the bride and groom inside, finished off with a sheer white ribbon edged in gold and gold peel off lettering.  I am still learning parchment and enjoy it but I don't seen to find enough time to practice.
I am pleased with the card and I hope they like it and the present.
I hope they have a lovely evening and the actual wedding went OK aboard.
I wish them every happiness for the future.
                Love and hugs


  1. ooo Dear, wonder which 'someone' booked the holiday!
    I love the pattern tht you have done inside the outfits, they are sure to love it, enjoy the holiday

  2. This is a very elegant wedding card. Love the veil and top hat. Have a wonderful time on holiday, Margaret.

  3. What a lovely card, Margaret! Hope you have a fantastic holiday- be safe and have tons of fun.

  4. Gorgeous card Margaret, I hope your having a wonderful hols.....oh I could do with some sun and a break...lol...xx

  5. absolutely gorgeous margaret, what a beautiful card to keep forever.

    suzanne x


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