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Sunday, 12 August 2012

I'm going green!!! 12 of 25 motif challenge

The sun has finally come out to play,  it was supposed to be a fine day, haha,  we had heavy rain in the night and woke up to a thunder storm,  oh I hate thunder storms.  I thought I would do my washing today,  well I have now put it on to wash,  you never know it might dry today now.  Vernon was going to cut the lawn,  but with the heavy rain its too wet to cut,   it will take a couple of days to dry out,  that is if we can get another couple of days of sunshine,  this year has been two or three days of summer and two weeks of rain.
I have been teaching my Grand daughter Bethany to tat for a year now,  I don't see her very often,  but she could not get a ring,  her hands were a bit small,  she can do a chain and mock ring,  well last Wednesday she finally got it, the flip happen.  Great joy for the both of us,  I knew she would do it one day,  just a question of her hands growing.  I have told her while shes on school holidays to go down to the bottom of my blog and check out some of the tatting blogs,  it would do her good to see other tatters tatting.
When I did the PIF,  one of the winners said her favourite colour was green,  looking at my stock of thread,  very little green this promoted me when I needed some more white thread to buy a few new colours and amongst the new threads I brought Lizbeth No 20 Christmas Green Mix.  All I can say its worked out really pretty,  I may not be a lover of green but this thread is worth a place in my draw.
This is Floral Tatted Bookmark by Kersti.
 This cross is from Mary Konior book,  Tatted Patterns,   its an easy cross to make,   I have not blocked it yet so if it looks a bit creased it won't when I bock it.
This is Heart's Desire pattern,   I like this pattern,   its a pretty pattern but can twist when you tatted the right side. Sorry  I cant remember who designed this pattern,  apologies to the designer for not giving her credit.

This is my pattern,   I need a few Dream Catchers for the Demo I am doing next weekend at Shepton Mallet,   There is a link in my sidebar for my pattern blog and you will find the pattern on there.
It will look better when is hangs up.  

Tonight is the closing ceremony for the Olympics,   I am not a sporty person but I have enjoyed watching some of it.   There have been sports that I have not seen before and although I may not have know the rules to that sport I have enjoyed watching the horses,   yesterday it was the Modern Pentathlon,  I felt sorry for the horses having strange men riding them around the show jumping,  I had to laugh when the horse either knocked down the polls or in one case walked through the fence instead of jumping it.  One horse throw his rider,   it may not have been fun for the riders but it was a very interesting to watch.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend and the sun is shining on you,   I know the sun will be shining somewhere in the world but not always here this summer.  I am off to finish a wedding anniversary card for Vernon.
Take care


  1. Hi, Margaret,
    The designer is Susan K Fuller! I know because I have tatted that heart a gazillion times!

    The green is lovely. I am not a fan of variegated Lizbeth, except for a few, and have wondered about this one as I like greens in tatting very much. Thanks for showing us these pretties!

    Fox : )

  2. The greens are lovely in this Lizbeth! I'm going to put it on my wish list. Very summery and pleasing!
    I think I need to try that dream catcher!

  3. well done Bethany, I am sure she will be pleased with herself...... I love your new threads, that gren is stunning on the heart and the dream catchers are so pretty........I have loved the olympics and like you, don't know all the rules but can still enjoy it. I don't 'DO' sport normally, but this has been great, look forward to the closing tonight

  4. These are beautiful Margaret, the green is lovely I like that dream catcher.
    Kevin xx

  5. Well done to Bethany, Margaret, once learned is all it needs, not have to do that again.....love the creations today, so pretty and the green looks stunning, and me not a big fan of green either.....Olympics have been a credit to us in more ways than one, will have a pop over tonight to see whats going on, only as I am afriad of missing something though..lol....xxxx

  6. Well, I love greens, so I was totally attracted to your pretty tats. I'll have to keep that green in mind next time I order some thread.
    Great that Bethany has mastered the flip. Now that the Olympics are ending, our tv will have a rest......

  7. Fantastic Margaret hugs Ginny ♥

  8. FYI. Hearts desire is by Susan K Fuller. Also
    I am not a green lover however I like the color pallet it has made. Keep up your good work.

  9. Everything looks wonderful!! And even in green!! :)


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