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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Interlocking Rings and a Bracelet (11 of 25)

Yesterday was a golden day for Great Britain so I am writing this in gold just to prove I am enjoying the Olympics I never thought I would but I have enjoyed the things we don't see normally,   the Show Jumping,  the Bicycle racing in the Velodyne,  Canoeing and the Rowing.  I was made to feel very homesick when they did the road racing,  I grow up in Surrey,  and lived not far from Box Hill,  and then in Kingston upon Thames,  if they have gone just 200 more yards up the road before they turned off to go into Richmond Park I would have seen my old home and I could have shown Vernon.  Kingston has changed a bit since I lived there but I was able to see bits I knew though my childhood. Don't get me wrong I would not want to live up there now and commute into the City of London, I think I will stay in Somerset.  10 Gold medals so far,  at least they have put the Great back into Great Britain.
The weather is not good we have very heavy thundery showers with a little sun popping out here and there,   Oh it would be nice if the summer would come back.
Today I have the Interlocking rings,  yes I have got it,  not perfect but its there, I used Lizbeth no 20 Raspberry Frappe but its come out purple,  I think it has to be the bad light when I took the photo. I put a chain with little rings on the outside so the rings could be seen better.  I feel a few new designs popping out of this,   I am going to try the interlocking chain,  when I have time
 I am making a few bits for the show I have been asked to demonstrate tatting on the 19th August,  at Shepton Mallet.    I hope the weather will be kind to us at the show.

 This is the bracelet from Marilee's course called Classic Edge, its a nice design but I don't have much no 10 thread, so I used one of my favourite threads, this is Altin Basak (Turkish) number 3054 its a bit finer than Lizbeth, so I had to do a few more rings on the pattern. There are three beads on the chains which I used pink seed beads. I am at present making another one in Lizbeth thread blue with gold beads and I will show that one when I have finished it.

A close up,  this is number 11 of the 25 Motif challenge

I hope you are having a lovely weekend and enjoying the Olympics,  pity the weather can't behave but that's the British weather for you.
Until we meet again take care



  1. Hi Margaret, Oh these are so lovely, very pretty...
    Glad your enjoying the Olympics, we are doing so well now, fingers crossed for a few more yet..lol...shame about you not getting to see your old stomping ground, but as you say, much better off in Somerset, so beautiful down south, have a lovely day.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. London is hassle and bustle down here life is at a slower pace, Don't think I have the energy to commute into the City of London these days!!!
      At least we are now doing better with the gold medals, never thought we would get this many.

  2. The bracelet is very pretty, and I like the way you've used the interlocking rings. Congratulations to Britain for doing so well in the Olympics!

  3. The bracelet is so pretty and I love your rasbury threads, I have been glued to the olympics and what a wonderful games we are having yet again... GO... go...go... GB

  4. I haven't attempted the interlocking rings yet, but yours look very lovely! Love the bracelet too.
    As far as Olympics go... I don't particularly like watching tv. I would much rather have it as background noise while I do other things. So, I haven't been watching, but it's been on at our house. It's only when the announcers make a big fuss over something that I tend to look up and see what's going on.

  5. Beautiful Margaret Hugs Ginny ♥

  6. You're doing some lovely tatting, Margaret! Hope the demo goes wonderfully!

  7. That bracelet is absolutely gorgeous Margaret
    Kevin xx

  8. Lovely, lovely bracelet! How wonderful to know so well where the events are taking place!

  9. Great job on the rings!

    I am also kind of obsessed with these rings, and finally, after several weeks, I believe I have conquered them! I finally got the final ring to join the first ring properly! I'm as excited about this as I was when I tatted
    my first ring 23 years ago, and just about on this date! I hope to post about it soon, but I have to get ready for one of our tatting events next Saturday.

    I tune in to the Olympics now and then, mostly hoping to see the sights around London. I really enjoyed the bike race! Great scenery!

  10. beautiful tatting margaret, i love the bracelet.

    suzanne x

  11. Looks like a really good try on the interlocking rings!! :)
    And that bracelet is so beautiful!!! :)


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