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Monday, 20 August 2012

Shepton Show

I thought you might like to see my table at the show,  I took these on my mobile phone,  gosh I never realised until seeing these pictures that my cloth was a bit crooked.  They show the inside of the tent,  gosh we were hot but what a good day.  The weather behaved to a point,  it was humid first thing with cloud,  then it got foggy and chilly,  after a while the sun came out and it was hot hot.   Too hot to be in a tent.
I did quite well and I was pleased I had a lot of interest and many questions.  one lady brought a heart because the thread was so beautiful,  she had never seen beautiful thread,  she was a lace maker and is taking the heart to show fellow lace makers at their next meeting.   Lizbeth thread is made in the US so the average crafter in the UK has never seen the thread,  let alone the colours they produce.
I had one lady who came up to the stall,  I had my shuttle in hand and asked if they were "handmade".  I kept my cool but I really wanted to say something else.  I think that was the gem of the day.
They had a display of birds,  they had a young Kestrel he said it was the first time he had been at a show,  he took off,  and circled the show ground,  he called and called him,  then he put food on his hand,  still he flew around,  then he put food on the rope they swing around (sorry I don't know what they call it)  and finally he landed.   He said that they have a radio aerial connected to his tail feathers so if he did fly off they could track him and find him.
There was so much going on including ferret racing, dog racing, show jumping, old tractors, steam engines,  old vintage cars, and lots more.
I did not see much of the show being stuck in the tent,  but there was a lot of people and everyone seemed to enjoy the day.
We left early and missed the Wurzels performance,  I was disappointed but they did not go on stage until 4.30.
We went to see Mother in the nursing home,  the home made her a birthday cake and gave her a birthday card,   she seemed to be having a nice day.   To be honest by then I was knackered so we got a Chinese on the way home.  
Taking about customer stories,  I did a craft show a few years ago and this woman came up to my table and ask what machine made the snowflakes,   I tried to explain I use my hands they were handmade,  I got my shuttles out and showed her,   she said Oh and walked off I should have charged her for the demo.  So if you don't know your hands are machines?????
Well that was my Tatting demo,   now I can get ready for the holiday,
Take care


  1. Beautiful table and display! I'm glad it went well despite being hot!

  2. margaret, your table looks lovely, im so pleased you had a good day. it sounds like there was such a lot going on and a great show to visit, i only wish i lived closer.
    well done with the sales.

    suzanne x

  3. Beautiful table display Margaret, people are funny. I remember doing a craft fair with my cards a couple of years ago,a woman wouldn't believe that some of the images where coloured with pens lol. it takes alsorts as they say. glad you had a good day, and that your Mum enjoyed her birthday.
    Kevin xx

  4. Sounds as though you had a good day, great. On Wednesday I had a hard time persuading a lady that I had hand knitted my cotton top, that it wasn't made by a machine - let alone tatting!

  5. Hi Margaret. I am glad you did well with your table. I liked your funny story. You do meet them don't you. The time before last at Sandown Craft Show two ladies were walking past our parchment stand and one said to the other. Oh you don't want to take any notice of what they are doing there - they are only playing about with some bits of greaseproof paper.

    To say that we were speechless was an understatement.

  6. A beautiful table Margaret, pleased you had a good day and I'm sure some people enjoyed watching your demo's


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