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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Tatting - Tea Pots 25/25 motif challenge

As some of you are aware Somerset and the South West have been hit very badly by the weather just before christmas,  I guess we are lucky as we live high up on the mendips but I feel really sorry for those who have been flooded and those who live on the Somerset levels,   which is the area most hit by the rain,   it just never stops raining.  They were pumping off the water from the levels into the rivers for weeks at 10 tons of water per second,  that was until the last lot of rain and they stopped pumping because of the amount of rain coming down was filling the rivers too much for the water being pumped off, so now the pumps are on when they can and river level lets them pump.
There was a lot of flooding in Cornwall and Devon which were cut off by the rail as the lines were flooded and wash away in places,   the force of the water buckled the lines outside Exeter,  the repairs were done over christmas so they could get the lines up and running for travellers who wanted to travel.
All in all its been a wash out christmas with many homes flooded,  roads flooded and damaged by the water,  its still raining outside so who knows when it will stop.  My garden is just washed out and looking very sorry for itself.   Perhaps we are lucky it was not snow as we would be snowed in.
Enough of our terrible weather, and on a lighter note,  for Christmas I was given Tea is for Tatting by Martha Ess,  I love her Introduction and I quote " What is more delightful than a good old fashioned cup of tea, whether a brisk English Breakfast, a soothing Chamomile or my favourite Earl Grey?  It takes time to brew a proper cup of tea - time to boil the water, patience to let the leaves steep to perfection.  Tatters embrace a craft that takes time and patience, as well, to produce their works of art"  Well Martha they are the truest words I have read in a long time but just one thing,  I hate tea, cant stand it.

This lovely pattern is called Tiny Square Teapot I have used Lizbeth no 20 in Falling Leaves, simply I had the thread on the shuttles.
This pattern is called Antique Rose Tea Set but so far I have only tatted the tea pot.  It was tatted in a lemon no 20 but in the photo it looks white but I can reassure you it is lemon.
The light today is bad so I used the coffee table as the background and then the camera automatically used the flash.  I do like this pattern I have not sewn in the ends as I finished it last night and the light was not good enough to sew them in.

I was also given the book Tatting with Rings by Jon Yusoff,    so far I have read the book but not done any patterns that's for when I have time to play,  it an interesting book with some lovely patterns,   just got to sort out some plastic rings.

This beautiful bookmark was sent to me from Wendy,   its from the book Playing with Picots.  the thread is gorgeous and is hand dyed from Jess at Tat-ilicious link to her blog.  The thread is called rainbow-ilicious,  which is on Jess's Esty store.
You can see this beautiful bookmark on Wendy's blog it looks a lot better than the picture I managed to take,  she called it  Sunrise Sunset bookmark,  link to her blog
Thank you Wendy I will treasure this beautiful bookmark.

The teapots finish my 25 motif challenge,   I am going to start another 25 motif challenge after the New Year.
Until we meet again take care, keep dry, and stay safe.


  1. Wishing you all the best in the new year, Margaret! I sure hope it stops raining.

    I'm so glad to have met you online! I'm really looking forward to your 25 Motif Challenge for the new year!

    1. Thank you Diane, I am glad I meet you too, I have a few things in mind so as they say watch this space.

  2. The weather sounds dreadful! So glad you are safe.
    The teapots are lovely!

  3. Wow those teapots are fabulous Margaret, and the book mark was a lovely gift, Stay safe, All the best for 2013.
    Kevin xx

  4. Sorry to hear about the weather in the UK. Glad you are save away from the floods. Enjoy the bookmark as I will enjoy your snowflake. Thank you so much, Margaret! Happy 2013!1

  5. Can't believe it's STILL raining there! That has to be very discouraging. It's sort of amusing you don't like tea, over there in 'tea' country! Your teapots look great, though! You're certainly doing more tatting than I am, and congratulations on finishing the 25-motif challenge! I'm still struggling with my third 'round'.

  6. I love Martha Ess's Tea is for Tatting and the tiny square tea pot is my favorite!!! Your tea pots came out just lovely!!

  7. beautiful teapots margaret and your bookmark is lovely too.

    wishing you a happy and healthy new year to you and vernon. x

  8. Hi Margaret! Love the teapots I also have that Tatting book. Hope your weather improves and I really wish you a Happy New Year! I am also glad to have met you on line you have been a great friend.

  9. You have done some lovely teapots Margaret!


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