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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Angeline's going home

By the time you read this I will be either on my way to Bristol airport or in the air to Cyprus for two weeks.
Angeline is now on her way home to Fox in Canada,   she has completed a world tour of tatters which has taken her 3 years,  I am the last tatter to have the book.
This is a pattern from the book,  page 132 called Coaster design from Sweden,  unfortunately  Angeline says "She brought this coaster in a tiny shop in a little village in northern Sweden, from counting she thinks the medallion has",    Well the above left is how it is written and it looks like a hat. I used American Apple pie no 40 Lizbeth thread.
The next one again using American Apple Pie well it worked I reduced the middle rings to 3ds between the pictos on the rings and chains,  in fact the whole coaster was done on 3ds between all the picots,  Brilliant it laid flat,   sewing in the ends I cut the thread and chopped a picot.   Start again this time I used Altin Basak thread and here is the result one pretty coaster.   I really did like the pattern but I think the chains on the outside could be just a wee bit smaller. I will be making so more of these lovely coasters. It needs a bit of blocking as the chains around the outside seem very long.

Well the book is on its way home,   thank you Fox for lending the book out,  I enjoyed reading it and have some more bits to try.


  1. Margaret your work is truly beautiful. These coasters are wonderful, not only decorative but useful too! Have a great time in Cyprus, I'm green with envy! Michelle x

  2. Yea I see what you mean they might look better smaller, Although I have done that when I tat when I am thinking of adding another round and so I'll put lots of picots on a round because I am not sure what I am going to do for next round, and I want it to fit. And then maybe she stopped altogether and decided like you hey this would make a good coaster.

  3. Your adjustments to the coaster worked fine.

    Fox has been so kind to lend her book out. Finally, it is going home. I had a fun time tatting from it too.

  4. I wish I had taken the time to tat some of the motifs when Angeline's book was visiting me. Instead, I simply enjoyed looking through the book and admiring the patterns.I hope you have a wonderful trip!


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