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Saturday, 7 September 2013

A host of Angels 12/25 of Motif challenge


This is Katie Johnsons 3d Angels,   they look a bit drunk to me in the picture,  but I have not stiffen them yet.  I thought I would share these with you as I did these over the last few weeks while I was ill.  I have been trying some new bits and I am so pleased that while making these I mastered the single split chain,  something that up to now just would not work for me.  I must add its thanks Marilee and her wonderful way she explains and shows how to do it,  this old lady well I feel it at the moment, has been trying to master it for a long time so Thank you Marilee.  I now feel confident to use it more often, and not try to avoid it.  I used Lizbeth no 20 white thread.
I have been doing this variation to Katie's pattern for about four years and I really would like to share this with you, unfortunately I don't know how to get hold of Katie to ask if I could write done my variation for you.
In her pattern she glues the skirt onto the body,  in mine I add two picots and attach the skirt to the body. If anyone has her contact details I would like them, so can you please email me with them.  Thanking you in advance.
Until we meet again I hope you are keeping well and take care


  1. I love your little angels, even if they can't stand up till they have had 'the treatment' lol, just back from holiday so catching up, hope you are feeling better

  2. Oh These Ares FaB And Perfect With The Christmas Season Approaching Far Too Quickly

  3. So lovely little "creatures"!!!

  4. Your 3D angels are adorable! I've tatted a few flat angels, but I haven't given 3D a chance yet. Some day...

  5. These are absolutely beautiful Margaret,
    Kevin xx

  6. They look so nice looks like you gearing up for Christmas time. I am not familiar with that pattern but I hate to use glue on tatting so I think that was a brilliant thing to do!

  7. Very cute angels and clever to attach the two sections as you go!

  8. Oh these are delightful Margaret! They are so dainty and will be perfect for Christmas. Michelle x

  9. Can't help you there, Margaret. The 3D angels look terrific! I am just wondering what you are tatting right now in Cyprus.

  10. Such sweet angels! Can't help you with contact details I'm afraid.

  11. Love the angels. Try kkjohns@bellsouth.net. Her pattern appeared in Georgia's online class.

  12. Love the angels. Try kkjohns@bellsouth.net. Her pattern appeared in Georgia's online class.


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