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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sherrys TIAS 2013 Day One and Two


Sherry from Lady Shuttle Marker is doing a TIAS,  I am using Lizbeth Thread Purple Splendor,   Here is Day one
Day One

Day To
Here is Day two,   these two photos were taken within twenty minutes of each other but the light has gone so the colours are not very good.    The blue should look purple,  we have had such dull, dank, damp,  misty, foggy days,  and I have not been able to get my washing out to dry.  At least we had the sun out today for most of the day so I got some dried,  but theres more to do as I still have a lot of holiday washing to catch up on. 


  1. I can see some purple from here Margaret, looks good so far....... hope you soon get the washing done

  2. I love to hang close on the line the sunlight is purifying and helps the environment too. I just saw this same project on another blog this is fun in different colors!

  3. Whatever it is going to be Margaret, I am sure it will be stunning, and I can make out the colours fine, gorgeous....
    Hope your having some gorgeous weather today hun, it is really warm and sunny here for now...lol...xxx


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