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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Rose Knitted Cup Cakes


Another scheduled post,  these are my latest knitted cupcakes    the cupcake base is double knitting wool  in pale blue with a white topping,   I used up some odd 4ply wool for the knitted roses on the top,    I used green for the leaf,  which seem to like to curl up,  no idea why they do it but they do.  I think the iron will have to have a go at them before I put them on my table.
Its an easy pattern but it seems to taken ages to make these,  it was too hot back in July and beginning of August to knit so they sat for a while until the weather cooled and I felt like finishing them.
The knitted pattern for the roses is on my pattern blog there is a link in my sidebar.
These will be on my craft table on the first saturday in October at the Cheese and Grain  in Frome,  I have missed three months now but at least I have some new things to put on it.
Hope you are keeping well,  



  1. Pretty little cupcakes. Sweet colours for your craft table at Frome.

  2. They're cute, and you don't have to eat them! I hope lots of people will take them home in October.

  3. These are gorgeous Margaret, I like the roses on the tops.
    Kevin xx

  4. these are so gorgeous margaret,they look good enough to eat :D

    xx coops xx

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  6. These are my favorite and no calories or carbs. or fat! In fact they are down right good for you! I love knitting and it has taken a back burner to may tatting I managed to make a pair or baby socks and I was so happy, that was last year.


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