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Friday, 13 September 2013

A dusting of Snowflakes. 13/25 Motif challenge.


Another Scheduled post this time its my dusting of snowflakes,   I look up what the collective noun for snowflakes and this was one of the suggestions,  A dusting I rather liked it.
There should be more but one got the chop,  still here are what I have been doing over the last few weeks, at the top from Anna Magazine december 1991 no 35,  middle is also from Anna Magazine again December 1991 no 39,  the two at the bottom are Diane's and the larger one at the top is also Diane's.  Same pattern but the two at the bottom are 4ds from ring to JK and 4ds to next ring,   The snowflake at the top has 8ds between rings and JK which made it just a bit larger. This has become one of my favorite snowflakes.
This snowflake is from the book 24 Snowflakes by Lene Bjorn,  this is the 8th day of December, I am in the middle of a new design which needs blocking having not done blocking for many many years this was a good practice piece to play with,  not perfect but good enough for a practice piece.
I say play because see below is one of the bits that got cut off, and then I noticed one thing it made a flower,  so it will get used as part of the decoration on a card.   See it is possible to use up mistakes or cock up as I call them.

There was another snowflake but well lets just say he went wrong and was thrown across the room,   not sure where it is, I think Vernon picked it up and throw it in the bin,  best place for it,  but I will try it again while I am on holiday,  it was looking a pretty snowflake. While I have been ill I have done more cock ups than usual,   but its also been a time of refreshing and re-learning as well so my time was not wasted.
Hope you are keeping well


  1. what stunning patterns on your snowflakes, I hope you are enjoying your hols

  2. Ooh These Are Brilliant And The Flower Would Make A StUnningEmbellishement On A Card. They Say Snow Flakes Are Winter Kisses

  3. These are all beautiful Margaret!!
    Kevin xx

  4. I like that... a dusting of snowflakes, and they're all so very pretty!

  5. Love that you looked up the collective noun! Dusting is perfect! : ))

  6. Such pretty snowflakes! That is a good word, a dusting of snowflakes.

  7. I love that snow flake book I have made most all of them over and over but that one! sometime the chain layers scare me. I have a "tatted snowflake" video on you tube It has a couple of hers in there too. It's real short to watch. I really like the flower, nice thing to be born from a mistake!:)

  8. I like that, "dusting of snowflakes". These are lovely Margaret, each so individual. Michelle x

  9. They look really nice! I have been scared to tat in white, but this is an encouragement for me to do so.

  10. your snowflakes are gorgeous margaret.so beautiful :D

    xx coops xx

  11. I totally love your snowflakes!!! :)

  12. So pretty! I love them. I have never seen a copy of Anna magazine. Hopefully, I will stumble across on some day.


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