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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Knitted Christmas Holly Cakes and Fluffy Doughnuts

Today I am doing a christmas fair in Cheese and Grain in Frome.  I am hoping the weather forecast will be kind to us,  yesterday it was a cold wind although it stayed dry. Last night Jenson Button turned on the christmas lights in Frome.  Update on this Jenson is on the national news this morning doing his doughnut in his F1 car in the car park in Frome, which is outside the building where I will be today,  in the Cheese and Grain they used the hall as pit stop garage.
These are my knitted Christmas Holly cakes from the book 20 to make Knitted cakes.  I put a piece of red ribbon around the base of the cakes. One has knitted red berries and the other is a white christmas rose which I added yellow french knots in the middle to break the whiteness. With knitted green holly leaves.

Here is something different,  knitted fluffy doughnuts,  I brought some fluffy wool in the market a few weeks ago and this is what I did with it,  there was no labels so I don't know what make of wool it was but they made an interesting take on a doughnut.
I must wish Cheryl from "intatters" who also has a craft market but in Alberta Canada, when mine finishes she will be beginning hers,  good luck, hope you sell lots.

Hope you have a nice weekend.


  1. They are fabulous Margaret enjoy your weekend Ginny♥

  2. Those are so cute, will last much longer, and I'm sure they have fewer calories! Good luck with your fair!

  3. The red berries are my favorite and these are so cute, and fun to look at and most important no calories fats or carb. The doughnuts, what a cute idea! I so so appreciate the F1 news my husband and I love to hear all the news he follows so closely, we have a daughter and son in law that live in Dallas and so we drove down when they built a track for that, here in the US. Hope the weather holds out so you can go to this market!

  4. I hope there is lots of customers at the craft fair Margaret, your little cakes and doughnuts are beautiful, hope they all sell

  5. these are gorgeous margaret.they look good enough to eat ;D

    xx coops xx


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