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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Lacock - Our day out

Where has the week gone, one minute it was Monday, then it was Friday,  it just seen to disappear I never got time to even print out my planned card for the CD sunday Challenge, must do better this week.  As it was half term we took our granddaughter Bethany out and she wanted to go back to Lacock as she enjoyed it so much,  so heres some pictures of our day out


Above is the Abbey which was closed as they had something on in the ground for the kids,  who were all dressed for Halloween,  so we did not bother to go in.
This is the church in the village called St Cyriac's church,  we had a walk around inside,  very very  old some of it dates back to 1400 something.

 This is Pack Horse Bridge,  where the river splits in three to go under in three parts,
 This is Bethany and Vernon standing on the bridge.
 Another view of the bridge
 This is the oldest  Building in the village called King John's Hunting Lodge which is now a B and B.
Lunch,  I think she's happy,  

 After lunch we went to the Garden center just outside the village,  These are pictures of their christmas display,  they were so lovely I just had to take some picture.  I hope you enjoy them

These Polar bears were moving around,  unfortunately I could not take them as they moved so these are stills of them,   they were so cute.

Well that was our day out,  she was spoilt rotten,   we had a lot of tatting talk and talk about my new patterns I am designing and still on the drawing boards.  Shes joining intatters not sure what name shes going to call herself  yet.   I did a post about Lacock back in August if you want to read more about the village.
Until we meet again Take Care


  1. Fabulous photos thank you for sharing Ginny☻

  2. Looks like you all had a great time in an historical place, and beautifully decorated nice for Christmas too.

  3. A wonderful post Margaret, felt like I was there and those Garden Center pics are just beautiful....
    Thanks for sharing.xx

  4. I enjoyed this visit and also read again the August visit, which was also a great post! I' m glad your granddaughter loves to go there! I always think of the Pride and Prejudice production when the Bennett sister went to look in the shops and met Wickham for the first time. Then D'arcy came by. It was the perfect place to film that segment. I don't relate to Harry Potter so much, but I'm sure it's good for tourism!

  5. What a beautiful girl she is! - that lovely shiny hair.....you can tell by the pictures that she enjoys spending time with her grandparents!

  6. What an interesting post Margaret. The photos are lovely, the Christmas display is wonderful and what a pretty girl Bethany is. Michelle x


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