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Saturday, 9 November 2013

What my ends of thread do......... 17/25 motif challenge


Have you ever wondered what us tatters do with bits of thread thats left over,
Well this is to prove that crafters waste nothing, well very little.
Do you remember some time ago I showed you the above middle of a snowflake, it went a bit wrong and this is what finished up with, it looked a bit like a flower,  well here it is on a card yes it made a flower center and I added a butterfly in the corner.
These are all cards I made using up my bits of thread, that were big enough to make a butterfly,   I tend to make them to finish up the thread on the shuttles and put them in a little bag and then use them up on cards, when I need a few on my table.
The backing papers are all free from magazines and I finished them off with peel off edgings.
All are made using Lizbeth threads.
Any small threads  too small to make a butterfly or something are kept in another bag for the antennas of butterflies or to hang snowflakes etc.
I try not to waste but of course tiny bits well they see the bin.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, and the weather is better than last weekend.


  1. Ooh These Are Perfect And Fab Embellishments Clever You Would Have Ended Up In Bin How Wrong Can I Be. Love The Cards.

  2. These are so pretty Margaret, love the idea of using everything up.....

  3. Stunning Margaret fabulous images Ginny♥

  4. Margaret, you have a lovely way of using your tatted bits! Mine are in a blue box, waiting patiently for a chance to be show off!

  5. ooooooo so nice! So this is where it ends! good ending :)

  6. those little butterflies ar so cute and love the snowflake/flower lol, it made a super card, cold here but hope you have a good weekend

  7. Yes I would love to try the 24 days till Christmas. Have a question, do you pick your own patterns and just post one a day, till Christmas (starting on December 1st)? Or do you have a certain set of patterns you do? also that book is an odd one it is small and the patterns are explained well but the lady never blocked or ironed the flakes and most are so not attractive and that makes it hard to pick out ones to make.

  8. these are beautiful margaret.so pretty :D

    xx coops xx

  9. These are beautiful Margaret. clever idea!
    Kevin xx

  10. The cards are a great way to use the tiny butterflies and flowers. I do like the way you turned the failed middle into a pretty flower!


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