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Monday, 25 November 2013

Tatted Door Wreath

On this cold and dull day,  I thought I would show you my latest piece of tatting,  it was going to be posted yesterday on a scheduled post but I never had time on saturday and we went to Oxford for the day yesterday.   It was a lovely day and Dee cooked a gorgeous meal, thanks Dee.
This door wreath pattern was first started by Lady Tats link to her blog,  it is now doing the rounds.  The pattern is done with one shuttle with red thread and one shuttle with green thread,   the top picture is my first effort,  yes it is red thread by coats, variegated red which is all I have in number 20,  the green is flora thread, I hate that thread its hard and not easy to work with,  well thats my opinion.  The Josephine rings although now I see the photo one has a loop beside it were easy enough to do only my thread looks more pink than pale red and dark red.   I was not happy so I did another one this time I put a red seed bead,   no I don't like that one either, the bead does not show up,  I have some larger beads but they might be two big, or do I use three seed beads,    I think another one is called for.
 I added the red ribbon bow which I made,  I like the bow on it and the pattern is easy enough,  I don't like the green,  I think I said that already shall I say it again I don't like the green..  So what do you think...............
Hope you are having a better day than me.


  1. Like the top one, Margaret! It is “punchier!” That pattern is a challenge isn’t it?
    Fox : )

  2. Hello Margaret

    I love your first one and can't see anything wrong with it... then again... I don't do tatting....I think it is a very pretty pattern anyway... stay warm

  3. The top one is very nice and three beads may work and be more realistic if you feel like trying it again!

  4. These are beautiful Margaret, My favourite is the first one.
    Kevin xx

  5. your wreaths are very nice. I do like the JK one better, the red berries show up better.

  6. It's a pretty wreath. I like the JK berries too, they show up better, very festive!

  7. stunning wreath`s margaret.both so gorgeous and i love the green :D

    xx coops xx

  8. I think they are both gorgeous Margaret and I love the greens! Michelle x


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