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Thursday, 28 November 2013

A choir of Ice blue Angels 18/25 motif challenge

Not a very big choir,  but I have been playing with a new thread called Ice Blue by Lizbeth no 20,  its not new new but its new to me,  if you get it.
The top picture I took to show you the difference between angels made in white and ice blue,   I rather like the colour and is really suits snowflakes and angels.

As you can see I have done my favorite Angel the 3D Angel by Katie Johnson,  I don't glue the skirt on I attach it to the body and I still have not found anyway of asking her if I can update the pattern and give you how I have altered the pattern to make her stand up.
The other angel is also another one I do a lot of and thats the SSSR angel by Anne Bruvold.   The picture shows her in white and ice blue,  only the ice blue looks a bit wonky I dont know why thats just how she ended up after I steamed her.   I have also done a few snowflakes in the Ice blue from the 1st December I will post a different snowflake everyday and then you will see them mixed in.  If anyone wants to join in with posting a different snowflake every day until christmas please feel free to join in,  the more the merrier
Hope you are keeping well, until we meet again take care


  1. Hello Margaret
    I love your new ice-blue thread, so delicate, your angels are beautiful, but then again, so is everything you make lol........

  2. Oh I so missed the boat on ordering the blue Ice color I made a big order and got the large and small size thread and then forgot the blue Ice, oh well next year :) I like the angel that's blue, she looks like she's starting to fly off. The 3 d ones are nice too I had a friend that crochet some like that years ago I still have one.

  3. Hi Margaret! Love the angels and the ice blue colour is so nice and cool looking!

  4. Hi Margaret! Love the angels and the ice blue colour is so nice and cool looking!

  5. These are a;; gorgeous Margaret, I like the blue.
    Kevin xx

  6. Beautiful angels!! Like the ice blue color.

  7. These are gorgeous Margaret. You are so clever! Michelle x


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