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Sunday, 26 July 2015

July Pinterest challenge - Owl Puffs

As you know Suzanne and I have been doing this challenge if we see something on Pinterest to try and make it, or try it.
Well this is my July one,  these are called Owl Puffs,  the pattern is by Jenna Krupar and is a free pattern.
They are good for using up bits of wool as they don't take a lot of wool,   The only thing is they wont stand up straight for me to take a picture.  The eyes are white felt and a black button,
I used some old random wool  and put a plain colour for the head,  I am quite pleased how they turn out, and no doubt be making some more.
Unfortunately Suzanne's July pinterest has been a slight problem,  but she going to try again,  I know she will do it in the end here's a link to her blog
Until we meet again


  1. oh Margaret this are too cute, I love them. what naughty little owls they are for not sitting up in a nice straight line for their photo session LOL well done, they are lovely. I will start mine again today. I know I messed up but I'm still enjoying it. i'll let you know when I finally finish.
    hugs Suzanne x

  2. I do like your owl puffs! Perhaps you could put a weight in the bottom to help them keep upright? I guess that would have to be done before you sewed the base together.

  3. I love these little owls great project!! Ginny x

  4. These are so cute Margaret. I need to try them. What about putting a weight in the bottom next time for them to stand? Michelle x

  5. I love owls and these look so cute. Owls are still 'big' in the crafting world.
    Carol xx

  6. I love your little owls, they are all so different, well done on the project.


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