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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Holiday Tatting 18/25 motif challenge

I am very behind with my posting so here's what I made on Holiday in Madeira in June,  this is the Celtic Bookmark by LaRae Mikulecky 1997,   the first picture at the top is the section one in white and the second section of sections which are put in the rings of the first section they were tatted in Summer Fun.
Section three with the two sections put together you then tat this section around the bookmark which I used Purple thread,  the first picture is the wrong side and the second shows the right side.

 Section four is the final round and I have tatted this white and is just chains all around the outside.
I used Lizbeth thread no 20 throughout.

The picture below shows the bookmark close up,  I had not press it when I took these photos and some were taken on holiday and it was hard to get the right picture with different surfaces.
Its a nice pattern but it did take up a lot of time with all the different sections,

Hope you like it.


  1. Quite a fiddle, but the final result is spectacular!

  2. As always Margaret, your work is beautiful, so intricate and pretty....
    I hope you well and enjoying the weather..xx

  3. Beautiful work hope you had a great birthday Ginny x

  4. Wow! I didn't realize that pattern was so involved. It is lovely.

  5. I have made this very pattern years ago, I love it and it was fun to do! I gave it to my daughter but never got any pictures of it. I love how yours is working out and now I will see if my daughter can find hers :)

  6. Exquisite! Beautiful work Margaret. Michelle x

  7. Beautiful work Margaret, such pretty designs. I do love to see your tatting

  8. Wonderful ! I love this celtic work <3

  9. I remember being amazed at LaRae's pattern - the first 'Celtic' tatting I had ever seen, and she kindly shared it on the internet. It's still available on the 'Way Back Machine'. You have done a nice job showing how it's put together. It's so impressive when finished!

    I thought all Celtic tatting would be this easy, but I later found out that interlocking rings, and weaving straight chains into Celtic patterns (Ruth Perry's specialty) are quite tricky! I still haven't managed to do Ruth's 'simple' pumpkin pattern! Always enjoy your posts - and seeing your cards, too!


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